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Through this app, learn how to make profit from the rise and fall of equity trading and the trading signals. Free download available in Android and now iOS. Learning by doing is the best approach at gaining a sound education in financial trading.

London, United Kingdom, March 3, 2017, Finance Illustrated recently launched the much anticipated “Trading Game App”, and instantly received industry accolades. Its debut was in Android, but now it is also available in iOS. Having been created by financial trading professionals, the app boasts features not seen before in such mobile apps. The app brilliantly incorporates real time trading with the latest market price quotes. A great way to test oneself without risking any capital. After the user becomes more savvy in financial trading, they can venture into the world of trading where money can be lost or made.

Developing investment strategies with no risk to one’s capital makes sense. Learn about: Stocks, Forex, Oil, Bitcoin, Gold and others. The company reports that app users have improved their chances of success by up to 73% just by having fun. The “Trading Game App” liberates people from a classroom environment and enables users to learn how to trade from anywhere at any time of their choosing. Completely Free and you don’t have to sign up and there are no ads.

The iOS version of the “Trading Game App” will come complete with multiple language support, including: Russian, Chinese, Traditional, Simplified, Spanish, German, Polish, Portugese, Italian and more to come. What separates this app from other similar apps is its ultimate goal of teaching the user the “Ins & Outs” of financial trading. One of the way it does that is with its built-in interactive Quiz. With over 400 questions covering topics from trading hours, equity trading, and many other areas in this Forex trading game.

Unique Features:

• Trading history & Time Frames like in Binary Options.
• Advanced University Level knowledge about stock market, social trade, equity trading, binary options, and Forex market.
• Fun Trade Predictors to see how the trading trends will go.
• Attractive graphic and layout for beginners and experts.
• Learn along the way. Learn as you play and practice.
• Share your success and progress with your friends.

Our trading game and simulator covers:

+ Commodities: CRUDE OIL, GOLD
+ Cryptocurrency: BITCOIN

The “Trading Game App” is available in the Google App Store for Android Versions 4.4 and up, and in the Apple App Store. The app has been widely accepted and has received many accolades from trading professionals. Take a look at what Tatiana Evreinova had to say: “This is a one great app to start learning trading basics from! Definitely worth downloading.”

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