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Losing weight and detoxing your body can be as easy as drinking a cup of great tasting scientifically formulated tea.

Melbourne, Australia, April 19, 2017, Tea has been around for over a thousand years. While it is a great tasting beverage, various formulations bring about an increased state of wellness. An Australian firm, HotSkinnyTea.com has taken tea drinking to a new level. They have done their research and have developed a blend of tea that does in fact induce a loss of weight, while at the same time detoxifying the body. It’s all a matter of the selection of ingredients that not only affect the taste, but also its performance. Hot Skinny Tea has a proven formula based on proven ingredients, and people have been shedding unwanted pounds the easy way. Of course, the perfect combination is moderate exercise, a good diet and Hot Skinny Tea.

So exactly what makes this particular tea so successful. A look at the ingredients clearly show why:

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT: Well known Fat-Blocker, contains hydroxycitric acid, one of the most powerful diet supplements on the planet. It blocks citrate lyase enzymes, which the body uses to produce fat, and raises levels of serotonin, suppressing appetite. The extract also increases endurance during exercise.

LEMON GRASS: Vital in cleansing and ridding the body of toxic wastes. The grass regulates various organs of the body, such as the liver, and increases the quantity and frequency of urination. Thus, digestive health is maintained and accrued fats eliminated. Studies have also revealed that citral, a component of lemon grass, inhibits the growth of cancer during its early formation.

SENCHA GREEN TEA: Originating in Kyoto, Japan, Sencha Green Tea is recognised for its thermogenic properties, increasing the metabolic rate and burning fat. In addition to shredding kilos, the tea boosts energy levels, clears the skin, and kills oral bacteria threatening to cause tooth decay.

LOTUS LEAF: Highly effective against high blood pressure. The plant’s alkaloid content ensures optimum pH levels of the blood, also proven to increase its flow. Lotus leaves offer many other health benefits, such as increasing iron levels, controlling acid reflux, and promoting healthy liver function.

CHAMOMILE: Effective in soothing stomach aches, promoting sleep, ensuring healthy skin, calming muscles and treating fevers. Its therapeutic uses are numerous. Studies have shown that the daisy-like herb relieves stress and even eases anxiety. It is often used as a safe anti-depressant, with no adverse side effects.

SENNA LEAF: A well known Northern African plant that works as a natural laxative and anti-parasitical agent. The leaf is a natural anti-inflammatory substance, relieving symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, treating irritable bowel syndrome, and assisting weight loss.

FENNEL: The oil of fennel contains estrogen, releasing tension in muscles and allowing the body to digest with ease. Fennel treats diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, and relieves menstrual cramps with its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic nutrients. The seeds are often recommended as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster, contributing to weight loss.

PU-ERH LEAF: Pu-erh tea sharpens thinking and improves mental alertness. With small amounts of Lovastatin, which is commonly used to lower cholesterol, Pu-erh tea has the same affect. Additionally, it cleanses, prevents illness with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, aids in weight loss and digestion.

STEVIA: A natural sweetener, zero calorie and tasty addition to the blend. Studies with diabetic patients have seen stevia noticeably lowering blood sugar levels and offering a steady energy supply.

For a limited time, Hot Skinny Tea is running a Discount Promotion on their 14-Day and 28-Day Programs. A great time to try this fantastic tasting tea and shed some weight at the same time. Customer testimonials tell the story, and this story is one of easy and successful weight loss. Take a look at what Mila234, a Verified Buyer, had to say: “I love this tea. Not only for detox effect, but also the flavour is awesome. Works great as an iced tea, too!” There are hundreds of reviews on their website for all to see.

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