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Adam Drzazga of The Blue Water Freediving School earned First Place in both The British Freediving Association UK National pool competition and the 8th Great Northern International pool competition making him the Overall Winner.

London, United Kingdom, April 26, 2017, Once again, Adam Drzazga has shown why he is one of the world’s best Freediving Champions. Adam, who runs The Blue Water Freediving School in the UK, has cemented his position in the top tier of Freediving Champions. There were some great competitors at The British Freediving Association UK National pool competition and the 8th Great Northern International pool competition, but Adam was proud to walk away with the two First Place victories making him the overall winner. Last summer in September they also represented the UK in a world championship in Greece.

Adam Drzazga, is a competitive freediver, a PADI & AIDA Instructor, Judge and former Chairman of the BFA. (British Freediving Association). He has been teaching Freediving since 2011, as well as representing GB in the World Championships from 2013-2016. Participating in International events has given him great experience in both the recreational and competitive aspects of the sport. The Bluewater Freediving Team trains in Hertfordshire and also offers classes in London. Team Bluewater is currently looking for sponsors who would allow them to train in their pools and gyms in Hertfordshire.

Freediving changed his life, it gave him the right input to discover and enjoy his life in a whole new way, experiencing many amazing moments and learning valuable techniques. During a recent interview, Adam made these comments: “Freediving is such a life long experience, I have to say that I love the sport and its people and the satisfaction it has given me in recent years. Strength in hard times, and motivation in my day to day life. I could not do it without my family and friends, and their continuous support and patience while I train. My partner Shirley Turner is always there to back me up, and my kids who love to jump on me when I train.”

He goes on to say: “Yesterday was a special Easter as we competed in The 8th Great Northern Freediving Championship in Manchester and with bit of luck I managed to secure 2 wins. With tons of motivation I’m ready to take my lifelong challenge to the next level. Thank you Eliossub Morosini for your warm and ever comfy suits, Alexey Molchanov for superb quality monofin Trygons for always secure noseclips, Aqualung for your pool suits, and BFA for great sponsorship and support. Omer and Padi for your support and prizes, my buddy Andy Jardine who helped my to achieve my goals. That was only possible due to the superb organization by Steve Millard of Apneist Uk.”

The Blue Water Freediving School provides a safe and organized environment for its members to dive, attend Freediver training courses and enjoy the blue wonders of the Seas. Blue Water Freediving School offers high quality freediving instruction from entry level courses through to instructor level training. They also provide one 2 one training and private coaching. All of their courses are run in small groups of students. Freediving introduces you to the most unknown and fascinating world: your own human world. Every dive is a new journey, every breath a new feeling. Eventually you can learn that each second is special too. Exercising this consciousness has a positive effect on your everyday life.

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