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Join like-minded individuals as they gather together to rediscover their true potential and renew their fundamental belief systems.

Glendale, California, May 4, 2017, In todays’ fast paced digital world, people are so bombarded by negativity that it becomes difficult to be optimistic on a daily basis. Just watching the news is enough to become depressed. Sometimes it is a great idea to get away from the daily hustle of city life and clear one’s mind. This is a chance to be totally introspective and direct your focus to enrich your life with happiness. To become in harmony with the world around us, both physically and spiritually is the correct path.

One of the best ways to achieve this state of mind is to attend a “Retreat”. What JourneysToHeal.com has just announced certainly fits the bill. Imagine, a group of like-minded folks getting together under the auspices of well-known owner and founder, Kristine Ovsepian, M.A., C.Ht., who has mastered powerful spiritual healing techniques. These include: therapeutic guided meditation, energy healing, aromatherapy, flower remedy, Sananga, and crystal healing, among others.

A true “Retreat’ would be in a place sure to stimulate a person’s spirit and ability to look within. This would be a place that in the future, would invoke inspiring memories. Kristine had this in mind when she planned this 6 nights and 7 days “Retreat” to Urubamba and Machu Picchu in Peru. Those who attend will return with new tools, refreshed, relaxed, and ready to experience their new found freedom. You will be spending 4 nights at Sol y Luna located in the city of Urubamba that offers luxury and comfort. The property is surrounded with mountain scenery and its grounds are filled with blossoming gardens. One night will be spent at the El MaPi Inkaterra located in the city of Machu Picchu, land of the Incas.

The last night will be spent in Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness. Everybody will enjoy the mystical atmosphere in the Sacred Valley that combines the magical encounter of two periods: the ancient Inca culture and colonial grandeur in one of the most beautiful sceneries of the world. Mark your calendar: August 15th – 22nd, 2017. Kristine will host a fantastic “Meet and Greet” party before the trip. Spaces are limited, do not procrastinate.

For complete information, please visit: JourneysToHeal.com

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