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Explore 60+ years of aviation history as told by third generation pilot, Lt. Col. Scott R. Weaver. A unique story never told before about his grandfather, flight instructor Leo Purinton.

Potomac, Maryland, May 10, 2017, There is no doubt that “Air Superiority” has helped make the United States Military the most powerful in the world. Civil Aviation has changed the way mankind views the world. Lt. Col. Scott R. Weaver, a third generation pilot, has recently published “The Pilots From Thunderbird Field: Where Aviation Legacies Took Flight“, revealing untold stories about his grandfather, flight instructor Leo Purinton. Leo is a part of the history of aviation in the USA and his contributions are epic. Thunderbird Field in Phoenix, was a key place where many pilots from the United States, Great Britain, Canada and even China and Argentina trained. The story of “The Pilots From Thunderbird Field” is a story that needed to be told, and now Lt. Col. Weaver shares this story that was integral to the growth of aviation in the USA.

Lt. Col. Scott R. Weaver has proven himself to be a master wordsmith as he takes the reader on a fast-paced, intriguing story that few people knew about. Readers report that they felt as if they were sitting in a room with the author as he told the story about his grandfather, flight instructor Leo Purinton and his family history, starting in World War II, continuing through Vietnam and ending in the Gulf War. This is 60+ years of aviation history told in not only an informative fashion, but also very entertaining to the reader. As the USA was being pulled deeper and deeper into WWII, there was only a handful of US Army Air Corps bases located throughout the country, and only very limited training facilities available for the establishment of an advanced military aviation training program.

With thousands dying in the London air bombings, it was clear that the USA had to begin an intensive effort to establish pilot training facilities, such as Thunderbird Field in Phoenix, throughout the country. It was integral to our survival as a nation. Top notch trainers would be required, Leo Purinton would become one of them, and what a story ensued. Aviation enthusiasts consider this a “must read” book.

Lt. Col. Scott Weaver, a third generation pilot and aviation historian, has over 2,600 hours of instructor and fighter time. He was a T38A Instructor at Vance AFB, Oklahoma, and he later went on to fly as a F16C Fighter pilot at Hahn Air Base, West Germany, as well as the DC ANG at Andrews AFB, Maryland. He also flew two combat tours in support of missions in Iraq, and was also a USAF Flight Safety and Accident Investigator. In 1999, Scott started LB Aero Consulting as an advance flight trainer in the British Bulldog, as well as also doing consulting work for corporate jet and general aviation sales.

Scott is currently flying the 777-200/300 for American Airlines out of Miami to Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Barcelona and others. As well, he is flying the Cirrus SR-22 and involved with Angel Flight providing flights for patients needing transportation to medical facilities in the Mid Atlantic region out of Montgomery Air Park, (KGAI) Maryland.

When not flying or doing research, he is involved with international baseball, supporting youth and club teams in Great Britain and Argentina. Scott enjoys golf, and an occasional triathlon. Scott is married, with two adult children and a 10-year daughter.

Reader Reviews have been phenomenal, and “The Pilots From Thunderbird Field” is an amazing #16 on Amazon under Aviation Books. Take a look at what Dave Abrahamson, a Verified Amazon Buyer, had to say: “I was pulled into the story from the first page. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like a book on historical aviation, but Lt. Col Weaver made the story interesting by explaining the narrative so his pre-teen daughter would understand how awesome and daring her Great-Grandfather was. Personal stories of the “Greatest Generation” never get old!!”

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