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Local political opposition braces for the fight of their lifetime.

Wappinger, New York, May 15, 2017, Janelle Marina Mendez was pleased to recently announce the launch of both her political campaign for a seat on the Town Council as well as her new website. Janelle has overcome many struggles and obstacles, including a previous run for the same seat. She joined the local Democratic Party in 2015, and has consistently taken on leadership roles. Janelle is proud to be Vice Chair of the Town of Wappinger Democratic Committee and a member of the Dutchess County Committee. The last two years have helped her to focus on her political issues in order to run a winning campaign in 2017.

Janelle’s positions are not nebulous, as she is quite outspoken and clear on where she stands. Here are her 3 core issues:

Senior Citizens Concerns: It is time to put more focus on how to provide a better quality of life for our senior citizens. Janelle has gained much insight through her interactions with seniors while pursuing her career as a Financial Advisor and serving on her Condo’s Board. Healthcare is of major concern to Janelle, as she has seen its impact on family members. As the wealthiest nation on earth, there is no reason why our citizens are treated like 3rd world citizens. Time for change.

Environmental Issues: If we do not protect our environment, who will suffer most? Our children and their children. Natural resources should be protected, and especially from the profiteers. Now is the time for action, procrastination is not an option.

During a recent interview, Janelle made these comments: “We should support a politics that cares for the environment. A politics of gratitude. One where we value the earth for what she gives us. Our actions should serve our environment. I believe that acts of service are the highest form of gratitude.”

Infrastructure Improvement: Our nation’s cities are showing signs of decay, especially where the less fortunate live. As a nation we owe it to our citizens to provide a safe environment. Roads and bridges, waterways, public building projects. It is high time to end the waste of taxpayer dollars, and Janelle has the financial savvy to see that funds are spent as they should…….for progress, not to line the pockets of the greedy.

Janelle believes in giving back to the community. She has raised money for numerous organizations including the March of Dimes, the Ronald McDonald Club, Susan Koman Foundation, and Carry the Load. While Janelle was employed at J.P. Morgan, she acted as a J.P. Morgan Ambassador as well as was a PAC member. She is currently involved in her current organization’s PAC as well. She advocates for sustainable finance and environmentally friendly social policy.

For complete information, please visit: http://janellemendez.com/

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