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National Donut Day has been enjoyed by millions of people as they enjoy tens of millions of Donuts. This is the time to change it to National Donut Week, after all, a week of celebrating Donuts sounds great.

Las Vegas, NV, May 17, 2017, Next time you stop for a cup of Java and a Donut, you may realize that you are part of the Donut Movement. The Donut has become as American as Apple Pie. We all have our favorite donut and sometimes we lose control and splurge on them. There is always a good reason to share a box of donuts with family and friends. Many a company get-together enjoyed a selection of these tasty treats. The Donut Fan Club thinks it would be a great idea to change National Donut Day to National Donut Week.

Think about it, an entire week of enjoying the multitude of donut flavors. The Donut Fan Club would like donut fans to stop by their website and cast a vote. One day is just too short to celebrate this American icon. How many other foods have such a selection…not many. National Donut Week will be a boon for donut store owners, and we love them. In the retail business, it’s all about making your store accessible. Donut Shops will have a marketing bonanza.

National Donut Week creates an unparallel opportunity for donut shops to market their hearts off. They can now have the opportunity to network with other donut shops as well as to their customers. During this week, they can: Advertise Thank-You Specials, make use of Point-of-Sales Literature, Color Posters, Banners, and Flyers with their store name and logo, have access to Newsletters with updates from other store owners, discover what works for them, create a Log in the shop for customers to say hello and leave comments, and much more. Donut fans will love the specials all over their town at the donut shops during National Donut Week. They are encouraged to visit the website and cast their vote also.

The Donut Fan Club’s founder has been a fan of donuts for 75-years. As little boy, his neighbor, Miss Cora, used to bake donuts. Every morning the sweet aroma of her baking would draw him like a magnet to see if she had any donuts to share. After a while, she would call him “Bun Boy”. As the years went by, wherever he was he would seek out the best donut shops in town. A few were great, most just satisfied his love of donuts. He would always ask people he met, “Do you like donuts and where are the best in town?”. The idea of The Donut Fan Club came to him in a daydream as if he was ordained to develop it.

Donut Store Owners, please visit: NationalDonutWeek.com

National Donut Week
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