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Besides sending push notifications and remote settings, also add Dialogs, or scheduled pop-ups, Galleries and photo screens, Rich text pages: stories, news, terms and conditions pages.

London, United Kingdom, May 21, 2017, Sometimes it only takes a change to make a good idea into a phenomenal idea. With the proliferation of Mobile Apps there comes a need to be able to update their content and make improvements. This is what Appwoodoo is all about. Finally, an app to make apps better. The team at Apwoodoo recently announced some upgrades that qualify their creation as a full-fledged CMS. This is great news to everyone from hobbyists to indie gevelopers to established businesses with popular apps.

Appwoodoo is a tool for app developers to add push notifications and remote settings to their Android or iOS apps. Imagine, edit apps just like a blog or website. It includes story boards, remote dialogs, etc. and can be added to existing or new apps. It’s open source and lightweight. Now it’s a simple task to upload and manage the app yourself via the admin interface. Appwoodoo is a real game-changer in the world of App Development. Users can look forward to advanced features:

Upload images, texts and more
Schedule push notifications, dialogs and other content for your campaigns
• Keep retention at bay with engaging customers frequently
• Run A/B tests out of the box
• Keep the app up to date while spending less time with development

Custom CMS, modules and development:

You can build your own CMS via Appwoodoo’s public APIs
Expert help with WordPress support
• Custom modules and integrations with Appwoodoo developers

It’s hard to believe that Appwoodoo packed so much power into a tool that is only 100k. They take care of securely storing device tokens and all communication with Google’s Cloud Messaging or Apple’s APN servers. Interstitials and dialogs are often used for limited offers and together with notifications. Display one after the app starts, schedule them or use any other event trigger. Remotely configure your app without resubmitting it to Google Play or the App Store. Include screens of article pages (like “Terms & Conditions” or “Recent updates”), or lists of blog posts or other news.

For complete information, please visit: Appwoodoo

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