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CutMob are the original pioneers of true on-demand haircuts with live tracking. Arrives in Los Angeles this June for iPhone and Android, soon to launch in other major metropolitan areas.

Los Angeles, California, May 25, 2017, Through an act of brilliance, CutMob has merged the mobile app with the concept of on-demand haircuts. The service is for the sophisticated gentlemen who enjoys the ability to choose when and where to receive professional grooming. Say goodbye to the days of planning your hair around your barbershop or salon’s schedule.

CutMob brings vetted and licensed hairstylists, barbers, to your home, office, virtually anywhere. Download the app, available for iPhone and Android and experience the perfect style in as little as one hour. This ingenious app works with a Three Step Process:

Choose The Service: Choose Between a Scissor or Clipper Cut. Add a beard cut to either style cut.

• When & Where: Use integrated GPS Map to determine and suggest your location, or enter a location into the App to find local and available barbers or Stylists.

• Prepare: Shortly before the appointment, make sure your hair is washed and ready for the stylist.

The idea manifested from a simple tweet by a well known public figure on Twitter who was traveling and looking for a local barber. CutMob is the brainchild of its founder, Harper Christian, A hair service that benefitted both the stylist and client and offers a more exclusive experience and an alternative to the hustle and bustle of booking and driving to a salon or barbershop. Weddings, Businesses, Special Events, Just for fun. Treat your friends before a night out.

Clients can be first to download by clicking “Coming soon! Be notified!” at: cutmob.com

Simply choose the type of hairstyle, additional beard trim and can also message the stylist via integrated messaging and track their location via a live map. All booking options are available 24/7.

Interested in becoming a barber/stylist visit: http://www.cutmob.com and click “cut with us”.

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