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The knowledge center covers the how-to basics for making the right soil mixture, proper lighting, watering, fertilizing, and the best time to plant. They also recommend different planting methods. Pictures are also included, demonstrating the size and detail of the plants.

Mira Loma, California, June 7, 2017, 9GreenBox was pleased to announce that they are celebrating a grand milestone of 10-years in business. In this day and age of many businesses failing within their first year, this is truly a cause for celebration. Since 2007, they have been dedicated to producing lavish household plants and accessories that are meticulously crafted to bring forth the wealth and beauty they’ve been created for over many centuries. Now it is a simple task to transform your yard into a work of art with their aged bonsai. With years of training, these trees are crafted to bring peace and tranquility to the home. They also help to purify the air, making your home a healthier place.

The 9GreenBox Knowledge Center is chock full of articles and tips to ensure planting success. Some of the topics covered include: Nature’s Bug Catchers, The Art of Bonsai, Care Lucky Bamboo, Surprise Your Mother, Tropical Vibe and Snake Plants. There are some more in- depth instructions on how to grow Juniper, Lucky Bamboo, Strawberries, and many more as they continue updating their list of articles.

They also carry a massive variety of plants and flowers from all hardiness zones to suit any home garden, from exotic jasmine to colorful perennials. No soil…..No problem. The Air Plant thrives from moisture and nutrients in the air. The website also features a great selection of quality grooming aids for both large and small pets. For folks with a green thumb, don’t forget to check out over 180 varieties of seeds. Sign-up for the free Newsletter and receive the latest specials and informative articles.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.9greenbox.com/

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