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Against all odds, this 23-year old African-American female CEO sets an example for others to follow. Everybody is invited to stop by the shop at Yorktown Mall.

Lombard, Illinois, June 7, 2017, The staff at “Luxurious Lathers” is excited about their fast approaching One Year Anniversary on July 1, 2017. This will be a fantastic Saturday at Yorktown Mall, the event will take place during the entire day, from 10am – 9pm; Free giveaways once every hour from open to close, celebrity make-up artist on staff for the first part of the day, hand-massages provided by a licensed esthetician will also be made available and free food and light refreshments will be provided. Everybody is invited to come on down and say hello and join in the celebration.

“Luxurious Lathers” will mark the day with some special in-store promotions:

Buy 2, Get 1 Free: Bath Bombs, Foaming Body Scrubs, Body Butter, Mineral Bath Salt, and Bath & Body Oils (Applicable to all sizes, promotion only valid with exact size & product category)

• Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off: Standard Size Handmade Soap Bars (valid for U.S. Manufactured soaps only – $8.00 value per bar of soap)

New product lines to be launched as part of the celebration: Men’s Facial Care Line: Including men’s beard oil and shaving cream, Foaming Body Scrubs, Unicorn Body Scrub.

Luxurious Lathers, Ltd., has invented a brilliant soap dish that solves the problem of the disappearing soap. They have a patent pending on an upright-standing soap dish which prevents the soap from ever touching the bottom of the dish and melting away into oblivion. It is shown on their new website and is also referred to as the Waterfall Collection of Bath and Travel Accessories.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained: “We are a boutique style provider of handmade soaps and other skincare essentials. Our mission is to provide a one-stop solution for access to the finest handmade body products, from across the globe. The products that we sell are formulated to deliver the very best in skin care while using only safe, truly natural ingredients.”

She goes on to say: “Our soaps and other body products are manufactured by hand using natural oils from around the world. Furthermore, our handmade soap products are handcrafted using the slow cold process method. This means that no external heat is used during the production process, so the richness of the natural ingredients are preserved for our customers as much as possible.”

The fact that so many new businesses fail during their first year is reason enough to celebrate the success of Luxurious Lathers’ founder, Genesis Smith. She started selling the products on her college campus during her senior year. After graduating, she really didn’t want to go right into owning her own business, instead she wanted to start a career in Corporate America and then maybe later pursue her own business. After getting a job that was not challenging, she was fired for asking for more responsibility. That was the beginning of Luxurious Lathers. Only 22 at the time, Genesis was able to meet the challenges of starting a new retail business and it has helped mature her personally and professionally. The sky is the limit for this young entrepreneur.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.luxuriouslathers.com/

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