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NetFish is the go-to fishing app, identifying the best fishing spots in thousands of different waterways. It was built to get people out and enjoying the sport of fishing. By analyzing their live database of proprietary environmental information, NetFish predicts where and when fish are biting.

Seattle, Washington, June 20, 2017, Many people spend more time planning a fishing trip than actually fishing. All that is changed with the launch of ReelSonars new Fishing Mobile App NetFish. NetFish is Free, there is no cost to you and includes features for which other apps charge. Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned angler, NetFish will guide you on when, where, and what fish to catch. NetFish predicts where and when fish are biting. Weather and water temperatures are always changing, so they’ve built advanced algorithms that are constantly adapting, giving you the most up-to-date fishing spots.

It used to be that a fishing trip was pre-planned, but conditions always change. Now it is a simple task to check the NetFish App and see if it is a good idea to change fishing spots. This unique app has special features:

• Solunar forecasting giving you the best times to catch based on barometric pressure and moon phases.

• Reelwards – Earn free gear while doing what you love….. fishing.

• Connect and share your catch with other anglers in our discussion board.

• Bait recommendations for top species in lakes based on season, sky condition, water clarity and wind.

• Log your catches and record where, when and what you caught.

• Multiple map options including topographic.

• Detailed information about waterways including fishing type, fees, waterway size, depth, hours of operation and nearby facilities.

“NetFish is taking fishing beyond the guessing game and coffee shop chats to the big data era. It is exciting to take millions of data points and provide detailed recommendations to help anglers learn where, when, and how to go fishing, while providing information to help the environment and fisheries,” said Dustin Martin, PhD, ReelSonar Data Scientest.

Spend less time planning and more time fishing: https://go.onelink.me/Gy99?pid=NF_PR_June2017

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