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Combining baseball, America’s favorite pastime, with the inspiration of St. Rita enables players to believe in Miracles. Sales of the patented St. Rita Believe silicone wrist band provides support of a variety of nonprofit initiatives such as after-school programs for disadvantaged children, fundraisers to fight cancer, and surgical care for babies in developing countries with facial abnormalities.

Parkland, Florida, June 26, 2017, Andy Castellanos has always been a very spiritual person as well as a lifelong baseball fan. Saint Rita was known as the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes before she became known as the Patron Saint of Baseball. Andy created the patented St. Rita Believe wrist band as a way of encouraging disadvantaged and medically challenged young people to believe in Miracles, and as a way of giving back to the community. Miracles happen every day, but in this fast paced 24-hour news cycle, they are often not well publicized. One thing for certain, the efforts of Andy Castellanos has resulted in Miracles for many children all over the world.

Saint Rita was born Margherita Lotti, in 1381, in the small Italian village of Roccaporena. Rita was canonized by Pope Leo XIII on May 24th, 1900. St. Rita became known as the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes in the 1920’s, after the people of Big Lake, Texas were unable to make an oil well productive. After praying to Saint Rita and sprinkling rose petals on the well site, it miraculously began to produce oil. During that interim period that the local folks were hoping the well would become productive, they built a baseball field to play on to pass the time. Big Lake eventually produced a few Major League Baseball players, the most famous of which was Jim Morris. The Rookie, a 2002 film, was his story. Jim’s story was one of the baseball related miracles that inspired Andy to create his St. Rita Believe Band.

During a recent interview, Andy made these comments: “My goal is to encourage fans to support the organization by purchasing a $15 St. Rita Believe Band – a simple gesture that will help make miracles large and small come true.” St. Rita Believe supports a variety of charities including the Clemente Museum, the Leadership Learning Center, and Developing Faces. Andy has been a healthcare professional for over 35 years, and in 2009 opened his own specialty wound care practice. Always seeking to improve his patients healing process, in 2011 he searched for a way to introduce a strong spiritual element into the process. Andy was so inspired by St. Rita’s story that he devoted himself to making it known to the world. That’s how the patented Saint Rita Believe Band was born. For inquiries regarding Andy Castellanos’ patent rights, contact his Fort Lauderdale patent attorney John Rizvi at www.ThePatentProfessor.com

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