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SLOGN is an open source platform for decentralized logistics using blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Santa Clara, California, July 6, 2017, Sometimes an idea is launched that is the result of such ingenuity and brilliance that is can vastly change an entire industry. Such is the case with SLOGN and its novel approach to providing a solution for all of the downsides of doing business in logistics.

Simply stated, SLOGN is Ripple for the Logistics Industry, while building an environment for apps to run on blockchain for logistics purposes, just like Status.im does for millennials. How business is conducted in the Logistics Industry will never be the same.

The logistics industry has become such a behemoth, in fact, it is a $700 Billion market segment, that its size and inherent bureaucracy has become an impediment to its efficiency. SLOGN has developed a platform that is years ahead of all others in bringing greater clarity for both the truckers and the shippers. Ask any trucker how they feel about waiting weeks or months to get paid on delivered shipments. They need to cover their expenses, such as fuel, labor, repairs and overhead. Imagine being able to get paid as soon as the shipment is received and approved by the receiver.

So what is so profound about the SLOGN offering?

Here is a partial list of features:

• Instant Pay
• Fuel Advance
• Lumper Payments and Reimbursements
• Contracts
• Load Rate Transparency – small carriers are getting cheated with load rates.
• Carrier Verifications
• Rewards for Good Carriers
• Rewards for Good Drivers
• Accounting for Long Loading/Unloading Times
• Layover Pay
• Quick Pay Charges
• Pickup and Delivery Confirmations
• Freight Damage Claims
• Cargo/Liability Insurance and Claims
• Pre and Post Trip Inspections (a lot of these problems can be solved with IOTs)
• Stop Fuel Theft
• Roadside Emergency Repairs
• Pay Additions: Waiting, Loading/Unloading, Tarping
• More benefits explained on their website.

Such an endeavor that is paramount to creating a new paradigm in the Logistics Industry would of course require the knowhow of industry professionals. SLOGN has assembled a Global team of logistics and technology experts.

Govind Singh: With 11 years in trucking and IT, Govind is the perfect candidate that is able to solve the problems of the fragmented US trucking Industry.

Ihor Pidruchny: Ihor is focused on defining the product based on the business vision and bridge the technology with industry needs and opportunities.

Nanak Singh: With over 12 years of working in the Trucking/Logistics industry as dispatcher, manager, and president/owner, Nanak has always yearned to bring efficiency to the industry.

Andrew Zubko: With vast experience in networks, software design and development, Andrew focuses on choices of solutions and approaches, architecture and implementation.

Eugene Ciurana: Eugene provides SLOGN with global level guidance in AI, blockchain and platform design. Eugene is a technology veteran of Silicon Valley.

SLOGN is leading the way to an efficient, accountable and transparent trucking industry through their online marketplace platform for small for-hire carriers, freight brokers, and drivers.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.slogn.net/

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