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The lead character inadvertently finds himself at the center of a battle between God and a rogue spiritual entity for leadership of the spirit realm.

London, United Kingdom, July 7, 2017, The battle between Good and Evil has long been the subject of many a book. Sometimes the interrelationship between the spiritual world and the earthly realm can take some nefarious twists and turns. Only a select few have the ability to “tune-in” and gain some insight into just who inhabits this higher plane of existence. The author, Len E. Hooke, an accomplished psychic and hypnotherapist, is one of those people blessed with such a supernatural ability. He has drawn from his personal life experiences to pen the first release of his RIP Trilogy Series, “RIP Synergy”. Already garnering critical acclaim, the first release has gained Blockbuster status.

In “RIP Synergy”, the author’s lead character mirrors himself, as he is also an accomplished psychic and hypnotherapist. The story delves deep into the meaning of God as it juxtaposes with a negative spiritual entity hell bent on challenging the powers of God in a battle for leadership of the spiritual world. It becomes apparent that his ability to “tune in” may not be only as a result of his psychic abilities, but maybe as a result of a devastating occurrence taking place. The story develops as our main character uses his psychic abilities to link recent local deaths to the rogue entity. “RIP Synergy” takes a startling turn when it becomes clear that the link between psychic and entity rapidly reveals itself in stunning fashion.

Readers report that they felt like they were sitting in a room with the author as he tells his story. The author was born December 7, 1963. He wanted to write a book since he was 10 years old. The impetus was no doubt his reading of those first collections of horror stories on a family holiday at the cottage in Somerset. He wrote his first novel in 1985, it was called, “The Descent”, but it was never published. It would take the next 40 years for the right story to come to him, and it did upon awaking one morning early in 2015. The RIP Trilogy begins.

Len E. Hooke is available for book signings, live interviews and Skype calls.

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