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Proof was created to transform traditional investments, like valuable real estate, businesses, and interest-yielding business loans, into ownership tokens for anyone to buy and trade. Proof has an extensive ecosystem of tools and platforms bringing a new dimension to blockchain possibilities.

Seoul, Korea, August 15, 2017, This is the age of the cryptoassets adoption, disrupting the global financial system as it is known today. A plethora of companies have launched their own TGE (Token Generation Events). Some of these cryptoassets blockchain startups have had successful launches, while some have failed to meet expectations. A token pre-sale can be an indicator of how well the token sale will perform when it launches. The credibility of the initial investors can add credibility to the token sale about to be released.

Proof, who has established a unique platform based on blockchain technology was happy to announce the first purchase of Proof’s pre-sale tokens was made by TaaS (Token-as-a-Service). TaaS, the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets, contributed 884 Ether, priced around $260,000USD. TaaS launched a very successful Token Sale of their own in April of 2017, which attracted 3,942 participants who contributed $7,569,371.61 valued in USD(T) on April 27th. After TaaS has started its trading and contribution activities, the Fund concluded its first quarter earnings of $4,623,111.61 USD(T). This provided each of the over 4,300 TaaS token owners with a payout amounted to 0.28 USD(T) per 1 TAAS, which was distributed recently. TaaS becomes the first post-ICO blockchain project to provide full transparency and 61% ROI for its first fully-operational quarter. Clearly, TaaS recognizes the value Proof is providing the blockchain industry and is leading the way in embracing Proof’s platform to facilitate trades.

Proof’s platform is poised to be in demand. As recently reported in Forbes, almost 20 new hedge funds investing in diversified portfolios of crypto assets will be launching this summer alone, and all will need a secure and intuitive system to trade and Proof has the blockchain solution, mainly easy access to investments using smart contracts on a decentralized platform. This blockchain platform features several facets which have brought about a new paradigm in the way financial transactions can be accomplished.

Proof’s suite of features include:

Proof Dashboard: A marketplace to create, buy and sell blockchain-backed assets. The exchange platform is not limited to crypto hedge funds. Proof’s Dashboard allows businesses and investors to transact a variety of investments ranging from real estate to commodities by transforming them into fractional ownership tokens for anyone to buy.

ICO Maker: In a matter of minutes, anyone can be ready to launch their own token sale event. Have access to the Token Admin Interface. Set up and manage your own branded Token Store and Event Launch.

Proof Ethereum Smart Contract Creator & Caller: Use this tool for easily deploying smart contracts and testing calls on Proof’s Ethereum Chain.

The Proof Wallet: A mobile application for creating and transferring cryptocurrencies backed by real world assets or other cryptoassets. Proof also provides an ability to transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Proof API Documentation: The Proof API allows you to develop blockchain technology without running a full node, implementing blockchain libraries, or dealing with the management/updates surrounding this process.

Proof’s LAGAB: Legal Agreement Generator for Assets on the Blockchain.

Proof’s ICO launches October 8th, 2017. The Proof platform serves thousands of users, managing and trading their asset-backed cryptocurrencies. Proof is transforming its current platform into a truly decentralized environment for equities, debt securities, cryptoassets and fiat assets on the blockchain. Proof token holders will be in a unique position to possibly realize exponential growth, a true ground floor opportunity.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.proofsuite.com/

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