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After amassing and mining the largest 9/11 database in the world, Antonellis has revealed dangerous occult activities at America’s most prestigious Ivy-League!

Boston, Massachusetts, August 24, 2017, Americans will be surprised to learn of an extensive history of 9/11 attacks on America throughout its existence but shocked to learn they have been maliciously buried by America’s pinnacle of Higher Learning. Robert Antonellis, Engineer, Author and Investigative Researcher, found, while researching his latest blockbuster book, “Fortress Harvard – ThinkTank For Royal Revenge“. the British established Harvard as its own Fortress, and the occult they placed in charge have been waging a secret war on America, ever since.

He and his team have used AI, artificial intelligence, to create the EnigmaToo Tool which created and mined the world’s largest database of 9/11 historical facts and evidence revealing a consistent, pre-meditated and predictable pattern of destruction. Antonellis used his discovered 9/11 Blood Trail Pattern to prove the Benghazi attack was actually the 11-year “celebration” of the 9/11/2001 attacks and bears many fingerprints of a U.S. Deep State operation. He found the Weather Underground cooperated with Nixon’s CIA and other occult groups for a five-year trial run of the 2001 attacks, starting in 1969 and ending on 9/11/1973, with the CIA’s insertion of Pinochet into power in Chile.

Robert Antonellis has laid out the evidence pictographically in his book, “Fortress Harvard – ThinkTank For Royal Revenge“. after Divine Providence placed him on a software engineering contract at the center of what he describes as the “Invisible Garden of Satan.” There, he photographed the work of “Devil’s Architects” who created a perfectly inverted Garden of Eden celebrating transgenderism, pedophilia and even cannibalism, in place of the Tree of Life. As expected, the Serpent is the master of the garden.

The British and the occult are no strangers to astrological alignments, famously building on “leylines” as a means to silently worship Lucifer. At North Point Park in Cambridge, where Antonellis worked, there are numerous building alignments which celebrate destruction on 9/11, hidden in plain view, visible only to those sanctioned by the secret societies to understand. These, “Monuments to Murder,” as he calls them, were built both before and after the two flights left Logan on their path of doom into the World Trade Center Towers. The secret societies, described collectively by David Icke as the Babylonian Brotherhood, build their “Monuments to Murder” to be everlasting. Photographs of these, and the new construction, cap his theory that a 9/11/2017 attack, the Horned Beast Attack, is imminent. So, even if the attack is carried out by a foreign enemy, the awareness of, and possibly the planning for, is secreted away inside the same occult which the British placed in charge of Harvard almost 400 years ago.

Section 1 of his book is “Prelude to America” which discusses the evolution of secret societies in England in the decades before the Pilgrims departed for America, in 1620. At first glance, this sounds like an obscure discussion, until you read that the Rosicrucians were not only considered

the “secret founders of America,” but had already settled on the concept of an “invisible college” decades before the founding of Harvard, in 1636. But, what connection might the occult and the Deep State have with one another, at Harvard?

This is a question that likely could be discovered only using polygraph testing, since many occultists are sworn to tell the lie, the whole lie and nothing but the lie, so help them Satan. But we can learn quite a lot from public sources.

The Murray Center for psychological research, at Harvard, was founded by Henry Murray, who, during World War 2, was a lieutenant colonel for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the predecessor to the CIA. His work for the CIA during the Cold War involved brain washing research and one of his known subjects, a graduate in 1962, was named Theodore John Kaczynski. You would know him as the Unabomber!

Was Kaczynski taught to despise much of what civilization offered him AND given a master’s degree education in the art of invisibility and deception from Harvard’s Invisible College? Back to the coming attack…

Antonellis’ EnigmaToo Tool does not reveal who will carry out the attack, nor where, nor how it will take place. Just when: between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM EST on 9/11/2017, unless President Trump can quickly reign in the Deep State, starting at Harvard. They have given investigators a head-start by advertising their intentions to attack, and by leaving “not-so” coded messages in the architecture of Cambridge, within sight of the Harvard campus.

Look with your own eyes and you will see what the author sees. And, you may understand the algorithms used by secret societies to hide mass murder right under our very noses!

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