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The Crystal Clear ICO promises to be a huge success. Even before the actual ICO Launch took place, their IT department notified management that the unprecedented response by the public has caused Server Issues that must be remediated. The result is that system-wide server upgrades are being done right now.

Moscow, Russia, September 1, 2017, The team at Crystal Clear Services was both stunned and delighted with the news that there has been such a heavy demand on their servers that in order to avoid a potential crash, immediate server upgrades must be commenced. It is not often that such heavy server demands are seen before the actual ICO launch. During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments, “Sure, it would have been nice not to have any server issues at all, but to see such an unprecedented Pre-ICO tidal wave of interest is a very rewarding experience. Our IT team is hard at work around the clock to upgrade across our platform.”

“Crystal Clear Services (CCT)” has created a system that eliminates the middleman, and establishes a transparent marketplace for local services where all completed services are recorded in a non-editable blockchain for all to see. Cutting out intermediaries will drive down costs to consumers and create a level playing field. The ability for consumers to leave feedback will keep service providers from taking advantage of them or in performing sub-par work.

The existing methodology of choosing service providers is rife with problems. Service providers could end up not being paid or have to wait a long time to receive payment. Sometimes credit card payments are rejected resulting in costly litigation and wasted time. There is nothing stopping a competitor from publishing untrue feedback. Consumers had to take a lot of time to get the best prices because they had to query potential service providers. Vendor ratings could be manipulated as well as market pricing.

What was needed was a non-editable forum to check-out potential vendors, and how about a self-launched private auction to find the best service providers. The Crystal Clear Services platform has provided solutions that will change the way service providers and consumers interact. Their CCT tokens can be used for payment on the platform and could even be the next Bitcoin. The ICO period will last for only one month, from September 08, 2017, 12:00 UTC, to October 08, 2017,12:00 UTC. Early buyers will receive substantial bonuses. Don’t be a procrastinator, get involved now.

For complete information, please visit: http://ccstoken.com/

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