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Privatix is The First Internet Bandwidth Marketplace Powered by a P2P VPN Network on Blockchain. A virtual marketplace for unused traffic that can earn money for Agents 24/7.

Nicosia, Cyprus, September 1, 2017, Consider this: There are tens of millions of people around the globe that do not use all of their Internet time. Imagine if you could make one huge network that could manage all of this excess internet time and pay the providers, Agents, for their unused time, and sell to users, Clients, at very cost-effective rates. What you would be describing is the concept advanced by Privatix in their soon to launch Pre-ICO offering. Many ICO’s appearing on the scene are merely startups with a hope and a dream. Not so with Privatix, who is already up and running a classic centralized VPN service with over 800,000 users on their network and they want to bring their experience to the blockchain.

Privatix’s ICO has already garnered a massive amount of attention from media and Private Investment groups. The Privatix network is a decentralized, fully autonomous p2p VPN network on Blockchain, that allows users to share their Internet broadband with other network members or vice versa – to buy other people’s broadband channels for themselves. This network cannot be blocked, the data are encrypted, and mutual settlements are conducted in the crypto currency of their platform called PRIX.

All mutual settlements for broadband are allowed only within the PRIX Token. The demand for the token is fueled by the desire to buy broadband, and its suppliers desire to sell earned tokens for other currencies on cryptocurrency exchanges. Important to note that Privatix has a Patent Pending in the USA on the entire Privatix Network concept.

One of the problems on the Internet that Privatix solves is the growing problem of Internet Censorship. Certain countries restrict what their citizens may access. In fact, the Internet is not a safe place. Governments, big companies, and cyber criminals can watch our every step and intercept personal information, that is…until now. Users data will be encrypted and their IP addresses will be hidden. The fact of using the Privatix Network will be undetectable, which means a huge potential market in the countries with Internet Censorship.

Privatix is announcing their Pre-ICO Sale of a subtoken “PRIXY”. It will be sold for Ethers, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum platform. During the presale, the token is offered with a 60% bonus, 1 ETH equals 160 PRIXY. When the ICO starts, PRIXY will be automatically converted into PRIX at a one-to-one rate. The Pre-ICO starts on 14 September 2017 at 14:00 UTC and ends on 28 September 2017 at 14:00 UTC.

For complete information, please visit: https://privatix.io/

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