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Xaurum Gamma is a commonwealth of the very first private crypto smart-street to ever be constructed, composed of six luxury villas on the island Krk in Croatia.

Ljubljana, Slovenija, September 4, 2017, Cryptocurrency has become the new Goldrush, and the world’s first cryptocurrency that is backed by gold is Xaurum. This is a significant disruption in the blockchain arena. Only the Xaurum Token is a cryptocurrency with a continuously growing gold base. The creation of Xaurum Gamma (XGM), a crypto-asset that represents half of the profit, and accumulates it in Xaurum, creates a way for investors to benefit from speculation. Important to note is the fact that not only is real estate backing this ICO, but the parent token, Xaurum, is backed by actual physical gold. Ever since the start of this ongoing ICO Launch was announced, both private and institutional investors have expressed incredible enthusiasm. Xaurum Gamma Tokens may very well grow to equal or surpass the value of Bitcoin, but the most amazing feature is that even if the price of Xaurum Gamma on the market is 0, it can be can directly exchanged and provably destroyed for a villa on the Xaurum smart-street for a value determined by the number of XGM at the start of the project.

Without a doubt, Xaurum Gamma adds a new paradigm to real estate ownership and investing. Xaurum Gamma is a commonwealth within the Xaurum commonwealth, that applies the concept of Xaurum within its established economic framework, and benefits both. As a result of this synergism, Gamma increases the use of Xaurum and its coinage, and Xaurum enhances the value of Gamma. For the first time, luxury high-end real estate investing is not reserved for the rich and famous. This project creates a level playing fiend where people of all financial levels can participate.

The number of Xaurum Gamma tokens is limited, thus guaranteeing a minimal value through their use. Xaurum Gamma tokens can be used to rent a villa at the rate 1 XGM : 100 €, or higher when recapitalized, and the growth of its Xaurum reserves.

The Gamma platform is blockchain driven and brings transparency to a new level. Project owners will be able to see all the economic activity in real time on the Gamma platform. Gamma project profits and the acquisition of new xaurum reserves will be visible in real time. All villas, smart fridges, drones, etc. will be represented on the blockchain, where Gamma owners will be able to monitor all the transactions and profit creation of each individual object. Construction progress can even be viewed real-time on the platform.

Xaurum Street is a smart-street of rentable luxury villas, with all the services as well as rent payable in Xaurum. The street will be private, accessible only to residents. One villa has already been built, and will be opened during the ICO, the rest will be built in the next year. Construction will be finished on the 1st of May 2018, and opened for the summer season of 2018. The construction starts during the ICO and will be broadcasted live. Visitors will have the option of renting luxury cars, boats and the use of drone delivery services.

A full discussion on the Gamma ICO can be viewed here. Their Whitepaper can be read here.

The Golden Blockchain has arrived. Xaurum’s Golden Blockchain is a transparent ledger of accounts that accounts for the distribution of gold owned by the Xaurum CommonWealth, to provide an increasing base to Xaurum value. The CommonWealth is maintained by Auresco Institute physically and the Ethereum network digitally.

The Xaurum Gamma Platform is unique in all the world, here are some of its features:

Downside Limited: The number of Xaurum Gamma (XGM) tokens is limited. Gamma (XGM) itself is continuously increasing itself in value and size by the use of the crypto-smart street and its services.

Gamma (XGM) can be melted, or directly exchanged and provably destroyed, for a villa on the Xaurum smart-street for a value determined by the number of XGM at the start of the project.

Every villa will be valued for an amount of Gamma tokens. the same Gamma tokens can be melted or “directly exchanged” for all additional real-estate the project will acquire. When Gamma (XGM) is melted, the owner receives the ownership of the villa and the XAUR that it has accumulated.

Because Gamma (XGM)’s value grows with reinvestment and recapitalization, the number of Gamma (XGM) required to melt for an object, will decrease with the growth of the project.

The initial goal of the project is to secure enough funds to build the first private Xaurum luxury smart-street, and acquire the Croatian company that owns the plot with the first villa already built.

For complete information, please visit: http://www.xaurum.org/gamma

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