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DisLedger is a trademarked and patent-pending distributed ledger technology (DLT), designed for capital markets and IoT micropayments (or other high-speed transactional systems), where privacy and transaction speed are paramount. DisLedger is a “distributed concurrence” (rather than blockchain) ledger.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, September 11, 2017, Blockchain Technology clearly brought the digital revolution to new heights. While it offered many benefits, it also had its own shortcomings. The concept of a decentralized distributed ledger seemed to work well in the cryptocurrency arena. Behind the scenes, there were technological geniuses hard at work to develop a technology that would be an upgrade to the blockchain methodology. It was widely accepted that the blockchain had deficiencies that should be corrected via a superior technology. Blockchain is best suited for provenance type systems (land title, artwork, etc.) where providing visibility is a main goal and the long latency of transaction processing is not important.

Dan Conner, a former engineer of the U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets, has been hard at work creating an alternative to the existing blockchain architecture. He was able to secure a patent pending, and has recently launched DisLedger®, which promises to surpass the benefits of the blockchain in being faster, more private, and a more secure platform. The DisLedger architecture is a distributed ledger technology where users can run hundreds of thousands of transactions per second over their own system with complete privacy.

DisLedger technology provides:

• Secure processing without relying on competitors to approve transactions.
• Rapid processing of transactions without relying on time intensive consensus protocols like the average blockchains on the market.
• Concurrence ledgers process the individual transactions between counterparties in milliseconds.
• Concurrence process use proven cryptographic security to provide a perfect record of all counterparty transactions.
• Access to one common dataset for the entire organization easily partitioned to limit viewing to subsets of data.
• An in-depth discussion can be viewed in DisLedger’s White Paper.

The DisLedger concept is well within the legal framework as described in recent SEC Bulletins and has been reviewed and advised by a large securities law firm. The token launch is available to the general public, and is not considered an investment. Rather, it is a means to acquire use of DisLedger’s intellectual property. DisLedger’s technology was begun a couple of years ago, unlike many ICO’s that have launched on a hope and a dream. The DCL tokens are available on the Ethereum platform and are deeply discounted (57%) to attract participants this month.

During a recent interview, Dan Conner, DisLedger’s founder, made these comments: “With DisLedger, there is no waiting for your transaction to be added to a block, no uncertainty of just when your transaction will be ‘mined’. As anyone who has tried to buy into an ICO knows – you can never tell if or when your offer will be successful and you’ll get your coins. That uncertainty is unacceptable for most businesses and is why there is so much interest in the DisLedger approach in financial markets, retail payments, and Internet Of Things. Our patent-pending Distribute Ledger Technology can run 100s of thousands of transactions per second, which is incredibly fast compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.”

For complete information, please visit: https://www.disledger.com/

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