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“Vacuum” is a decentralized gaming platform that lets users buy, resell and rent their digital games through the blockchain. With no monopoly, new games will also be up to 50% lower than current rates.

Singapore, September 19, 2017, It’s no secret that the video gaming industry is huge, both online and offline. All of the various platforms employ legacy systems that are very limited while weighted in the favor of the platform. Developers and players pay a high price for every move they make. Players are fed up with the high fees and the limitations imposed by the archaic platforms. The gaming industry has been ready for a change and the time has come. “Vacuum” is about to bring online gaming into the cryptocurrency and blockchain arena.

In fact, the changes that “Vacuum” is planning will create a new paradigm in the gaming world. Imagine, up to 50% lower fees by cutting out the middleman and streamlining the process. Users will be able to re-sell and even rent out their digital games rights. Blockchain technology will enable users to license other users to rent their game(s) via smart contracts on the blockchain. It is time for the biggest competitor in this space, Steam, to move aside. There is a new player in town. As far as creating a digital second hand game marketplace, there are no competitors in this space.

Vacuum” is aiming to revolutionize the PC gaming industry and give back the power to the people. Their main feature will be a marketplace for second hand digital game rights. This allows gamers to buy, resell and even rent games they own for money. All transactions on “Vacuum” will be using the “Vacuum Token” (VAC). The blockchain component, where sensitive information, payments and game ownership are managed, will employ smart contracts to secure the data and transactions. Smart contracts will create and distribute encrypted keys and tokens.

Because the blockchain is immutable, not able to be tampered with, these keys and tokens can be traded safely with less risk than conventional methods of transactions. When the keys get created they are stored on the blockchain and are set in stone until users make a change to the smart contract, but that change is 100% transparent. This is how it is for all blockchain interactions including token transactions. Only games launched on “Vacuum” will be able to be resold, as they could otherwise not have the rights to the game.

The overall platform will have a few components to it:

• Webpage where people have all the visual content to navigate new games and read about upcoming game related new.
• Standard back-end where the visual and other non-critical content is stored and used.
• Blockchain component that will handle all the secure information and transactions.

“Vacuum” will launch their ICO Pre-Sale on October 10, 2017, 12pm UTC. The actual token sale will commence on 24 Oct 2017 for a month, or until all tokens are sold. Early adopters will realize a 20% savings. Industry insiders see this new platform as a serious threat to Steam – the leader of the pack in this space. The “Vacuum Token” (VAC) could very well be the next Bitcoin, don’t procrastinate, jump in now.

For complete information, please visit: https://vacc.io/

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