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To date, ESR WALLET is a working platform offering residents of most countries an opportunity to create an electronic wallet in dollars and euros and receive a prepaid virtual or plastic VISA / Mastercard.

San Francisco, California, September 21, 2017, ESR Wallet, an e-Wallet company already operating with fiat currencies, announces its Token Pre-Sale, starting September 25, 2017, and will last for 7 days. The project aims to create a Universal payment and credit service with the support of popular cryptocurrencies.

Storing money on a platform has been possible for a while with applications such as Paypal or Venmo, but there are still a lot of limitations when it comes time to use it: Fees when sending abroad or in another currency, delays when transferring to another account, and no easy cash-back options. These problems are even more pronounced with cryptocurrencies.

Even though there are several e-Money startups operating both with fiat and crypto currencies, there are none that offers a full range of banking services. Moreover, almost all of these projects haven’t commenced yet and everything they aim to accomplish isn’t likely to happen soon. Many such startups are launched on a hope and a dream.

Important to make note of the fact that unlike others the ESR Wallet payment provider is already a licensed issuer of electronic money, regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

ESR WALLET is building an e-Wallet that enables users to store, spend, transfer and invest in crypto and other currencies.

This startup answers the main needs of its future users:

• Spending cryptocurrencies everywhere cards are accepted, online and in-store thanks to a physical card just like a VISA or MasterCard will be first step.
• Changing cryptocurrencies into 8 other currencies and the ability to easily use the ESR Prepaid Card in 120 countries at the best fees.
• Instantly exchanging money between wallet users through the app will be the next step.

ESR Wallet takes it even further. Wallet users will also have the possibility to be issued credits in any cryptocurrencies, get cashback and open an investment portfolio managed by an experienced trader. The last step, a trust management fund, will be fully in place by August 2018.

ESR Wallet is an operating system founded by SERGEY SLASTIKHIN, former co-owner of Paytoo, an e-Money company that has been working in the U.S. since 2005. He joins forces with talents such as Oleg Gerasimov, Arkady Khokhlov and Vitalii Kirillov, founders of the IT company “Fast and Shine”, featured on Forbes’ Top-25 of the best franchises. The company implements IT solutions in the service sector.

Token Sale:

The ESR Token is released on the basis of e-Token smart contracts. Maximum quantity of 10,000,000 will be issued and all the unsold tokens will be destroyed after the ICO. Purchases will be possible through the Order book widget on http://esrwallet.io/

1 ESR Token equals 10 USD and the minimum investment is 1 ESR Token. Each investor who has bought more than 10 ESR tokens during PRE-ICO and ICO period will receive a free of charge personalized multi-currency prepaid card.

The cost of a token is reduced by 50% for the Pre-ICO period. Payment procedure: “According to the Charter, at the end of each quarter 30 percent of the profits of the Payment and credit service ESR Wallet are transferred to specialized wallets, after which BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC will be distributed among holders of ESR tokens according to the terms and conditions of the smart contract. Profit gained in USD and EUR will be converted at ESR Wallet market price as of the date of distribution of dividends in ETH and transferred to the relevant wallet.”

About ESR Wallet:

ESR Wallet is developing a platform that will transform the cryptocurrency industry and create financial incentives for its users.

ESR’s mission is to develop a universal wallet with a full range of bank services and 20% per annum rate for deposits in any cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is becoming a larger part of the economy at a faster pace than expected. It has become one’s first concern to be able to manage and spend money, as with USD, EUR and so on. Technology and finance are more than ever intrinsically linked and consumers won’t be able to move forward in the cryptoworld without platforms such as ESR Wallet.

ESR has been advised by the brilliant ANDREY ZAMOVSKIY, founder of Ambisafe, who has been involved in the cryptocurrency development since its early beginning and OLEKSII MATIIASEVYCH, who helped save $1.4 Million worth of Ethers during the Parity Ethereum wallet Attack.

For complete information, please visit: esrwallet.io/en/

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