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The Saske platform will revolutionize the way people all over the world not only interact with each other, but they will also become part of the blockchain generation.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 26, 2017, It is no secret that the use of social media for human interaction has grown at an exponential rate. Mobile device usage has far surpassed desktop applications. Sometimes all it takes to make a great idea into a game-changing idea is a little ingenuity, as illustrated by Nexus Labs’ impending ICO for their soon to be developed “Saske” platform. Imagine having all of the most used social media applications in one easy to access platform, and imagine that a user is financially rewarded for his activities on those applications. Such is the case for users of “Saske”.

Saske combines over 100 of the top performing social communications platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and integrates them with messaging apps, forums and the blogosphere. A company spokesperson explains: “We are introducing a user-friendly Social Communications Aggregation Solution that seamlessly unites social media platforms with the Blogosphere, creates a fluid marketing exchange where individuals and businesses build partnerships, and with a never before seen tiered Reward System for all active users, Saske changes everything forever.”

Users will get paid every time they:

• Post a comment on their favorite blog.
• Share a YouTube video.
• Chat with a friend.
• Retweet a funny joke.
• Answer a question on a forum, and more.

“Saske” will use the power of the blockchain to create a system of decentralized ledgers that are uneditable. Both Android and iOS devices will make use of this new instantaneous payments platform that is cryptographically protected. Saske will create the world’s first universal, daily-use digital currency. Saske introduces a cryptocurrency platform that is available to people of all economic levels. As users earn Saske Tokens (SXAS), they will be spending these tokens and entering the blockchain revolution.

This platform represents a “Win-Win” situation for both buyers and sellers. Consumers will be able to make everyday purchases knowing that their money is permanently secured through the blockchain regardless of whether they are buying online or off. No more anxiety about lost or stolen credit cards. Businesses will get paid in mere minutes without suffering exorbitant credit card processing and banking fees, pesky waiting periods, painful charge backs or infuriating bounced checks.

The Saske ICO is set to begin on October 1, at 1:00 pm UTC. Early adopters will see huge discounts on the Saske Token/SXAS.

For complete information, please visit: https://saske.io/

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