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Spaze is an app that simplifies the experience of what is happening around you and enables you to plan your activities in a whole new way. The app’s home screen shows who’s in for your plans and what places are hot around you at the moment.

Boston, Massachusetts, September 29, 2017, Amongst the plethora of mobile apps stands out a new release by Spaze. Finally, a unique app that can actually make day to day activities more precise and enjoyable. Planning activities could not be more hassle-free. Create an activity, such as dinner, movie night, drinks, or any other, invite friends, see who wants to go instantly, and chat only with those that are going to your activity.

No more muted or idle group chats on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms. With Spaze, the chat will disappear automatically 24 hours after the activity started. No more feelings of guilt just because you left a group chat. On Spaze, after the activity is over, the chat is also over.

Spaze shows you what places are “hot” in your area and allows you to invite friends to go out. A spot is “hot” when it is lively, busy, crowded or has a cool vibe. Use the Spaze map to see feedback posted in places around the world by friends and other users. This brilliant app is a platform to learn what is happening around town, as well as to see and tell friends what places are “hot” in your city. Spaze also has a “Disappearing Stories” feature, you can share a photo or video that will last as long as you want, from minutes up to 24 hours.

The Spaze app was created by Harvard student Victor and tech engineer Manny. Their goal is to enable users to know instantly what friends are willing to join them in their plans, without having to contact them one by one. Also, they wanted to help users see what places are hot at any moment, so that they can make their plans accordingly. No more disappointments when visiting the top/best Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub or Lounge.

This is what social media was meant to be, but never delivered until Spaze. This is an app that created a whole new paradigm in how people plan their social life. Spaze is a platform to connect, and socialize online as well as in person, and to stay up to date about friends and places around your specified area.

For complete information, please visit: www.spaze.io

Download Spaze here.

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