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Synthium Health provides a unique networking marketplace that brings together healthcare providers and suppliers for simplified, efficient and cost-effective exchanges that build businesses. Their automated platform creates efficiencies and maximizes revenues, all the way through the supply chain process.

Marietta, Georgia, September 29, 2017, What Alibaba did for the manufacturing supply chain Synthium Health is about to do for the Healthcare Supply Chain. A consumer could login to Alibaba and conduct a search to find a manufacturer for any product of choice. Synthium Health takes this concept a few steps further by including many tools on its platform that help facilitate cost-effective and time-effective commerce within the healthcare supply chain. Synthium Health has been developing and operating an innovative approach to Healthcare Supply Chain Management. They have created a platform that will utilize blockchain technology and offer a Synthium Cryptocurrency Token (SHP), which can be used to transact on the platform for both parties as well as traded on crypto exchanges. Already, 409+ suppliers and providers are currently on the platform ready to participate.

The Synthium Health Platform elevates SaaS into the world of blockchain technology.

Here are some of the features:

Better Browsing: An easy-to-navigate browsing dashboard finally gives healthcare facilities a place to shop around and see various products – no matter what price range they’re looking for. Suppliers also enjoy unmatched visibility regardless of their brand’s clout.

Order Placing: Orders can be placed directly and deliveries scheduled at the time that’s perfect for you.

• Easier Transaction: Pay multiple vendors at one time and even set up payment schedules.

Surgery Planning/Management: Providers can schedule and manage surgeries using their surgery management module. On the other end, manufacturers have the ability to provide JIT delivery for any surgical schedule.

Get Educated: Learn about new products by requesting materials from suppliers at any time – and even request samples and schedule reps.

Simple Integration: Without any interruption to operations, Synthium can integrate with any current procurement process or system.

Data Analytics: Users get immediate access to reports on purchases, analytics, and other data collections.

Search Agent Technology: This proprietary technology retrieves specific product search results from multiple distributors/vendors and displays the results in a user-friendly matrix – all in real time.

Recent press coverage describes this Token Generation Event as the World’s First SEC Compliant Blockchain Enabled Cloud-Based Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution. This is significant in that the SEC has certain “tests” that a token offering must pass in order to be SEC Compliant, and avoid future legal problems.

A Pre-Sale of a Token Generation Event is a great opportunity to acquire tokens, such as the SHP token, at major savings. Synthium Tokens will be released based on the Ethereum ERC20 functionality.

The TGE Pre-Sale period: October, 12th 2017 to October, 19th 2017. Synthium will launch their much anticipated TGE at the end of their Pre-Sale.

To download their Whitepaper, and for more information: https://tge.synthiumhealth.com/

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