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Using Solar Power, Cajutel will bring affordable, reliable internet communication and provide the best performing mobile data network for the local markets of Guinea-Bissau and Guinea. Cajutel will make it affordable for the general public to get access to the internet, most for the first time.

Basel, Switzerland, October 12, 2017, Access to the Internet can result in a substantial improvement in people’s lives. There are places in the world, such as West Africa, where Internet access is very limited and not very affordable. What Internet that exists is part of the archaic telecommunications infrastructure and not very efficient. All of that will change when Cajutel begins the launch of its infrastructure program after their ICO Token Sales are completed. Through their efforts, an entire culture can be upgraded to the latest Internet technology and at affordable and accessible prices.

Cajutel is not a fledgling company starting out in this arena. Quite the contrary, Cajutel has the experience and a team in place to build the infrastructure from the ground up to bring reliable highspeed broadband internet to West Africa. According to a company spokesperson, “We’re simply bringing the infrastructure that exists elsewhere in the world to a region where it does not exist. We’re building a network from the ground up. This will take significant upfront funding, but it will open up so many opportunities that simply can’t come to fruition under the current system.” The 98% of Guinea-Bissau’s population that has never had access to the internet on their mobile devices will come online for the first time.

Cajutel reports that they have partnerships with installers and retailers lined up. All the plans are in place and their license has been filed with the government. They are currently sourcing all of their equipment needs. Andreas Fink, CEO of Cajutel, has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications. His know-how in operating a wireless network in harsh environments is rare, but can be easily transplanted into other countries. After a consulting project in West Africa in 2003, Andreas saw the need to bring his expertise to this area of the world next. In 2010, he purchased the failing e-max network in Iceland and converted it into a mobile high speed network for the country. e-max was sold in 2013 to 365 ehf and now has over 500 base stations covering a big portion of the population, especially in the rural areas.

Funds raised during the various phases of the ICO will be used to build up the initial network and to fuel expansion and operating losses for a year until the break even point is reached from whereon Cajutel can fund its own expansion. The project is described in great detail in their Whitepaper which can be viewed here.

For complete information, please visit: http://www.cajutel.gw/

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