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AA Auto Protection settles lawsuit with Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office. The suit was originally filed by former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane in 2015.

Philadelphia, PA, October 20, 2017, AA Auto Protection has settled an existing lawsuit with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office. This case erroneously originated from when the office was run by Kathleen Kane, who is now incarcerated due to perjury and several acts of misdeed performed while she was the Attorney General.

“We want to thank Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who saw the suit for what was, in his efforts to work with us and resolve this matter as quickly as possible,” stated Daniel Rorapaugh, owner of AA Auto Protection. “It’s great to know that we can put the suit behind us and continue helping our customers to avoid costly auto repair expenses.” I hope the finality of this situation will persuade our competitors to discontinue spreading false information and lies in order to gain market share.

After unsuccessfully trying to resolve the case for two and a half years, AA Auto Protection announced their intention to go to court, especially once the misdeeds of Kathleen Kane’s office came to light. In the end, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and his team were not interested in taking the case to court. They decided it was best for both parties to resolve the issue and settle out of court. AA Auto agreed to settle due to the extreme costs associated with defending a case not an admission of wrongdoing.

Inside the final agreement you will find the following:

“Defendants timely filed their Answer to the Complaint denying all allegations of wrongdoing as specifically noted in said Answer, with said denials being incorporated herein by reference.”

AA Auto Protection has stated from the very beginning that the party responsible for this situation was Administration Plus based out of Dublin, Ohio. The crux of the entire case brought by the Attorney General hinged the issue of refunds not being returned to consumers. In a series of events, Administration Plus and Western Insurance ceased doing business, which resulted in thousands of consumers with vehicle service contracts that would not be honored by Administration Plus. This situation also resulted in numerous customers not receiving requested refunds due to the fact that Administration Plus was now defunct, an unfortunate situation that AA Auto Protection was powerless to rectify. Administration Plus has since entered into an assurance of voluntary compliance with the Ohio Attorney General’s office. In this assurance, Administration Plus admitted errors on their part caused customers to not be refunded properly. Any information pertaining to this assurance can be obtained by contacting the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Now that the lawsuit has been settled, AA Auto Protection is working diligently to educate their customers on the true facts involved in this case. They remain committed to providing excellent and honest service to consumers.

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AA Auto Protection and parent company Ivy League International are vehicle service contract brokers who are dedicated to helping their customers obtain the highest possible level of coverage within their budget. The company originated in 1989 and is highly committed to providing honest and fair service to consumers. To this day, they are one of the few companies that work directly with consumers online to protect them from unexpected and often expensive auto repair costs.

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