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Linda Healthcare is a US healthcare and artificial intelligence company based in Silicon Valley. CryptoHealthInsurance creates new paradigm in Healthcare.

San Francisco, CA, October 25, 2017, It was only a matter of time before the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies were tapped to transform the Healthcare Industry. The time is now, and the team from Linda Healthcare has announced their impending ICO Pre-Sale launch of a game-changing healthcare platform that will forever change the way healthcare is delivered to consumers. This is the beginning of a CryptoHealthInsurance revolution. What propelled these researchers was the mission of changing the way health care is delivered, and to transform the archaic methodology in use today.

Stanford University was the venue that brought the team together and the birthplace of this revolutionary new concept. A multi disciplinary team composed of experts in Medicine and Health, data scientists, software engineers and managers. Their goal was to use AI and the blockchain to change the world of healthcare. A company spokesperson explained it this way: “We are developing conversational artificial intelligence and natural language processing for primary care and general health and medicine. We develop state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks LSTMs. Our advanced natural language dialog system is designed for primary care, pre and post-operative care and general medical conversations.

The LindaHealthCoin is the token needed in order to have access to the Linda Virtual Medical Assistant. Within this healthcare ecosystem, the LindaHealthCoin is the only form of payment. Linda is your Virtual Medical Assistant. Linda is not a human, she’s an artificial intelligence (AI) bot. Any time members need answers to medical primary care questions, Linda is there for them instantly, in real time, as a two-way interactive communication tool on their mobile phone app. Linda Healthcare is cheaper than traditional fiat insurance and human-based healthcare because of the scale of economies that artificial Intelligence provides and the efficiencies that blockchain technologies offer. By paying a little bit extra every month members can have access to a human doctor’s telemedicine on top of the AI for those who really want to speak with a human after having spoken with Linda.

The Linda Healthcare ICO Pre-Sale is set for November 1st – 2nd, and the ICO will begin on November 15th. Early adopters will enjoy great discounts. This is no time to procrastinate, as this is a one-time opportunity to be part of the healthcare revolution. Stanford University is an investor in Linda Healthcare and a strong supporter of the team and revolutionary technology. It is like having medical experts on call 24/7 thanks to the Artificial Intelligence Virtual Medical Assistant App.

For complete information, please visit: https://linda.healthcare/index.html

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