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Mitrav’s Mission is to make the travel market accessible to everybody, accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and reduce the dependency on agents.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, October 31, 2017, Everyone looks forward to a nice peaceful and relaxing vacation holiday. Very often the opposite becomes the reality. Dealing with the myriad of problems that have become part of traveling can become very stressful. The entire industry is controlled by a group of industry giants who rake in billions every year in fees. Ever think that there must be a better way? Well it was only a matter of time before Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology reached the Travel & Tourism Industry.

The Mitrav ICO, which is live right now, is about to cause a paradigm shift in the way the global population thinks about travel. They clearly have a better idea and it is reflected in the way people are securing their MTR Tokens at a record rate. The Team at Mitrav did their homework and provided solutions for every problem that people encounter in the travel cycle. Their Mobile App is a stroke of genius and proves to be an apt extension to their platform.

Some of Mitrav’s features and benefits:

Group & Plan: Using the app, travelers can add friends, locals or fellow travelers in the area.
Blockchain Based Document Vault: The document vault is a decentralized storage where all important documents required during travel can be stored.
Language Translator Chat System: The app provides multiple language support to overcome the culture and language barriers that are faced by travelers.
Coin Wallet: A decentralized multi crypto asset storage system will be provided by the app that can store all major coins.
Guide and Earn: Travelers can help other travelers explore the travel sites and earn MTR tokens for their services.
Blog and Earn: Travelers can write blogs on the app, and earn MTR Tokens depending on the likes they get for their Blog.
Chat Based Smart Contracts: Imagine how easy would it be if you can agree on the terms with other travelers or agents on a chat.
Fiat Currency Exchange: MTR Tokens can be exchanged with any of the fiat currencies.
Smart Itinerary Planing: Itinerary planning is a tedious and time consuming task. We plan to provide an Itinerary Planning bot that will help simplify the task.
Store/Restaurants/Hotel Listings: The app would list all the famous stores, restaurants and hotels at the trip destination.
Hotel/Transport Bookings: Booking a stay and transportation is always expensive when you need to pay in different currency than the currency of your card.

The Mitrav ICO began on October 27, and will run until December 11, 2017. An 18% referral bonus is available. This is an ICO that is seen as a major disruptor of the Travel Industry. It’s a great opportunity to acquire MTR Tokens which may become as valuable as Bitcoin. The Mitrav Whitepaper can be viewed here.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.mitrav.co

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