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TetraNoodle provides startups with consulting work, CTO services and an ongoing education in getting technical with their products. Students gain valuable expertise quickly through targeted courses.

British Columbia, Canada, November 1, 2017, TetraNoodle is doing what many firms pay lip service about…..giving back to the community. As a startup, the team at Tetra had an unquenchable desire for knowledge. They found that the courses offered on Udemy.com was a convenient method to acquire knowledge from professionals in the field. Recognizing the extent to which these courses helped them advance, they soon started creating their own Udemy TetraNoodle Courses. Since 2001, they’ve successfully equipped small to large scale businesses with the tools they need to optimize their technology and move forward quickly. Their affordable tried-and-tested solutions have already resulted in hundreds of lucrative projects becoming a reality. They are proud of the fact that they have helped dozens of students in their final year at The University of Nigeria learn cloud computing and DevOps so they’ll be ready to work upon graduation.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “TetraNoodle Technologies works closely with their customers to understand their business problems and priorities. And helps them by providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions which are cost effective. So our customers get the best of both worlds – quality service at reasonable cost. We provide end to end technology and product management solutions, enabling businesses to succeed. We offer a wide spectrum of Software and Cloud Computing Consulting Services: Business-Technology Consulting, Internet and E-Business Consulting, System Integration, Custom Application Development, training & workshops from global software experts and application re-engineering.”

He goes on to say: “We are working hard to build quality educational content and share all our collective knowledge with the world. We think especially the youth of today should up-to-date and current education on these topics. So we are encouraging students bodies, universities and colleges to contact us to get our courses for free.”

TetraNoodle offers solutions that get results:

System Integration: Enterprise systems communicate and they can help design an efficient method for integration.
Solution Blueprints & Cost Optimization: Some engineers lack understanding of priorities and constraints, while Tetra can provide the architecture which will save money and be delivered on-time.
Cloud Adoption: They can help clients get started with any private, public or hybrid cloud system and migrate their network quickly and easily.
Education: Their top rated courses have been written with decades of experience at their core, and will arm students with new skills to ensure they keep evolving.
Security & Compliance: TetraNoodle can help setup safeguards that keep client’s networks protected and secure from all known threats.
Team Mentorship, Recruitment & Technical Leadership: Sourcing a reliable technical team has become a challenge for any business, and TetraNoodle will lead the way.

Client Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Jean Nairon, Consultant, CSM Practice, had to say: “Tetra Noodle helped us build a full technology shop with mobile and cloud technologies and managed the hiring inflow, on boarding new staff and ensured we built a high quality product that solved our customers problems.”

For complete information, please visit: http://tetranoodle.com/

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