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No one person knows everything and everyone needs a “Knowledge Transfer” at some point. WhenHub is building a new platform that is every business owner’s dream – A way to find an expert in ANY field who would be available when needed. All payments are handled via a Blockchain Smart Contract with a minimum usage requirement of only 15 minutes.

Pleasanton, California, November 6, 2017, WhenHub made global headlines today with the announcement of a new Token Sale, backed by a revolutionary platform that will connect people with experts in any topic imaginable. The Whenhub Interface Network (WIN) will be the first of its kind that uses Blockchain-based smart contract technology to connect people for transactional business interactions, online or in-person. Many of the gig aggregator sites like Fiverr are for low-cost experts performing tasks or small projects.

WIN is different where the focus is on real-time video, audio, or in-person meeting between a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a customer for the sole purpose of knowledge transfer. The duration could be as little as 15 mins and as much as 60 mins. The primary vector for WIN is time — experts specify their expertise and available time slots. The network broadcasts this so people who need help at a given time can be assured of getting it on-demand. WhenHub is introducing the “WHEN Token” for all transactions between experts (sellers) and customers (buyers) on the network. Their mobile app will have an integrated wallet to make the transaction seamless.

During a recent press event, Nik Kalyani, the CTO of WhenHub was quoted as saying, “The easiest way to understand the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN) solution is to imagine that your phone contact list has an entry for the top experts on every imaginable topic for which people provide consulting services. Users can choose an expert and connect with them by video or audio and get answers to questions either right away, or in a matter of hours”.

WhenHub has a world-class management team with a proven track record of success. It combines the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial drive for innovation, with business acumen and leadership. Scott Adams, Co-Founder of WhenHub is the creator of Dilbert, one of the most popular comic strips of all time. Adams is the primary investor in WhenHub having invested close to $2 million to fund all aspects of the business, in addition to providing overall leadership along with Quinn Harker(CEO) and Nik Kalyani (CTO).

The WhenHub Token Sale is using a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) offering model. The Offering is now open and requires a minimum of $50K up until Nov. 9th 2017 with a token bonus of 30%, at which time the Pre-Sale will close. It is set to open to the public for investment on Nov. 10th – Dec. 31st 2017 with a minimum of $250 and a token bonus that starts at 20% and decreases by 5% every three days. There are also token bonuses for larger investment amounts. U.S. residents participating in the Offering must be Accredited Investors.

To learn more about this Initial Coin Offering or to get in before the Pre-sale closes at discounted rates, visit the official website at https://tokensale.whenhub.com/ or read the Whitepaper directly at https://tokensale.whenhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/WhenHub_Whitepaper.pdf

Read more about Scott Adams, the creator of the world famous Comic Strip “Dilbert” and Co-founder of WhenHub by following this link:


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