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Anyone that has travelled at some point in their lives understands how important it is to be able to access funds from anywhere at any time. It is common that in remote areas, banks and even convenient stores are hard to come by. Logisticscoins’ new platform will allow consumers to access their money and buy things anywhere, with only an internet connection.

United Kingdom – Nov 9, 2017, Logisticscoin made headlines today with the announcement that they will be launching a new Blockchain platform that can forever change travel, transport and the banking industries. Furthermore, Logisticscoin which is owned by SMART LOGI, will be launching a highly anticipated ICO and it is currently open for Pre-Sale.

SMART LOGI was founded in 2013 and is involved in the exploration of properties for mining operations around the globe. Since their founding in 2013, SMART LOGI has seen exponential growth and shows a profit of over $19 Million dollars. Among domestic transportation companies, SMART LOGI also has great relationships with Transport companies in international markets including Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Iceland and United Arab Emirates. These are the types of partnerships that an ICO of this kind would need to guarantee the success of their new Blockchain platform.

During a recent press event, the founder of SMART LOGI, David Chang, was quoted as saying, “Logisticscoin as the name implies is the combination of LOGISTICS and COIN. Logisticscoin aspires to change the way payments are made in the transportation industries just as Uber, Zipcar and Lyft have changed the way public transports are operated.” He went on to say “Almost all transactions depend on the Fiat and Banks; sometimes there are obstacles which cause total disasters in transactions including public holidays, environmental disasters or lack of banks near your desired place of travel. Logisticscoin bridges the gap of all of this inconvenience.”

The team at Logisticscoin all contribute to the success of the project in an invaluable form – expertise. Each team member is an expert in their field with sterling reputations. It is the combined effort that makes Logisticscoin possible. Starting the Logisticscoin payment system & Logisticscoin ecosystem requires industry-specific knowledge and a high level of motivation; please visit their site to learn more about the Team and why this ICO is so highly anticipated.

The Pre-Sale for the Logisticscoin ICO has already opened and will run through to the end of December. Each token is currently priced at $0.2 and is expected to soar well over $10 after Pre-Sale has closed and trading begins. As with any investment, it is key to get in before trading begins in order to maximize profit potential. David Chang, the Founder of Logisticscoin had this to say, “The Logisticscoin token Pre-Sale merges two factors to guarantee results: Innovation of ground-breaking technology by Blockchain experts as well as Maturity of an already well-structured company with a highly experienced team.”

To learn more about investing into this ICO before Pre-Sale closes or to just learn more about the company, visit their official website at https://logisticscoin.co or read their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

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