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Cryptonetix.com is a web-based investment application platform that incorporates methods such as Fibonacci, Harmonics, Elliott Wave, Price Action, AI and more.

San Jose, Costa Rica, November 30, 2017, Cryptonetix.com was pleased to announce that the injection of some private investment funds helped push them over the top of their Soft Cap target. They will be added to select exchanges in coming days. This is still a great opportunity to take advantage of special discounts on CIX tokens. Having met their Soft Cap places Cryptonetix in a better category of ICO’s that are in it for the long term.

The project is going full steam ahead and will relaunch Cryptonetix.com after the conclusion of the ICO. The new site will be unique with its News and Education sections. It will become the place to go for the latest cryptocurrency news and to expand one’s knowledge of the blockchain.

A company spokesperson has also announced the addition of Justin Jovanovic, COO, investFeed, Inc. as ICO Crypto Community Advisor. They are on a Mission to build the first cryptocurrency social network for the world. The Pre-Sale ended and the ICO began on 11/15/2017. The Token will show on the Ticker as “CIX”.

Some of Cryptonetix’s outstanding features:

  • Dashboard: The dashboard will be a central place for users to find the optimal blockchain assets for trading and investing. Cryptonetix’s platform will feature intuitive heatmaps and algorithmic indicators showing the hottest cryptocurrency pairs based on price action, volume, technicals and fundamentals. They will incorporate up to the minute blockchain news and provide live audio and video updates from their crypto currency analysts.
  • Analytics: The analytics will be based on AI and non-AI algorithms involving heavy technical indicators to find the leaders in the pack from the mundane, less appealing Cryptocurrency assets. They will provide detailed analytics that tie directly into the heatmaps and dashboard areas of our platform. Included analytics featuring Elliott wave, Fibonacci, Harmonics and more.
  • Alerts: One of the most exciting features of the Cryptonetix platform will be their alerting system. They’re creating an alert service that will send timely updates by Telegram, email, SMS as well as Push notifications in their mobile application of key support and resistance levels, Fibonacci retracements, fundamental breaking news headlines and pullbacks to ideal entry levels thus enabling you to make concrete trading decisions.
  • Funding: Their funding feature of the platform will harness the ability for Fund managers to create new funds on the Cryptonetix platform so investors can subscribe to the various investment funds on offer, thus being entitled to receive monthly, quarterly or yearly payouts in various currencies for profits obtained. Additionally, Cryptonetix will feature multiple investment funds that they host, and those holding their tokens will receive quarterly payouts on profits. Their fund tracking system will enable you to find the best performing funds.
  • Portfolio: They will feature rich portfolio management features including the ability to watch all of your assets profit and loss, track real-time price changes to your bottom line as well as the ability for users to offer their portfolio for viewing by other users so they can get a feel for what others are trading. Portfolio management will include everything to track your assets across days, weeks, months and years and provide in-depth feedback on how your asset has performed across these time horizons.

The Cryptonetix.com resource section of the platform will feature news aggregation, trader education from professional traders and investors including technical chart setups, fundamental analysis and they are also working on a streaming audio news service that will give up to the minute crypto currency news about the blockchain markets.

For complete information, please visit: http://cryptonetix.com

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