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LitConnect.net is an open-source blockchain network designed to facilitate the lending, mining, staking and trading of LitConnect (LCN) tokens.

Porto, Portugal, December 6, 2017, LitConnect represents a departure from the Ethereum based ICO’s that have become so commonplace. The Team at LitConnect has developed a platform based on the Litecoin Network that presents a viable potential for token holders to enjoy a great ROI. At the core of this platform are:

  • Lending: Lend idle tokens to be borrowed, invested or shared.
  • Staking: Hold your tokens long-term to profit on market appreciation.
  • Mining: Profit from unused CPU power.
  • Trading: Trade LitConnect tokens by buying stocks/coins.

The days of waiting for a bank to convert your crypto to USD are over. LitConnect Exchange will do it instantly. With the LCN debit card, exchanging crypto for fiat currency will be almost instantaneously. With traditional currency, you are being serialized and watched at all times. With LCN, nobody can see who is sending or receiving your payments except you. For individuals concerned about privacy, when making transactions with LCN, you are completely invisible. Not even the owners of LitConnect can see the senders or recipients of LitConnect payments.

With LitConnect, it is easy to get involved:

* Exchange: Just purchase LitConnect tokens (LCN). Join the ICO and exchange Bitcoins and other altcoins for LCN tokens.
* Lend: Once you have purchased tokens, you can lend LCN and grow your LitConnect network to start earning interest immediately.
* Grow: Maximize your profits by growing your LitConnect network. You will receive a 3% commission for each active affiliate with no limit.

Nobody controls your LCN tokens except you. Not a bank, not a government and not even the LitConnect company itself. You are in total possession of your tokens at all times and you are the only person with access to your private keys.

The LitConnect ICO represents a substantial opportunity to get in on the beginning of a blockchain phenomenon. They will release only 21 million tokens worldwide, 10 million of which will be available for presale on December 15th. Early adopters will enjoy a substantial discount.

A detailed discussion about this ICO can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

For complete information, please visit: https://litconnect.net

Media Contact:

Attn: Media Relations
Rua de Santa Maria, n4
Porto, Portugal
351 926547657

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