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New Delhi, India, January 16, 2018, HashGains, a well-known name in the cryptocurrency mining industry is launching an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) with the name HashGains (HGS), on 17th February 2018. HashGains (HGS) is a new digital currency that is released to collect funds for building a state-of-the-art mining data center in India, which the company reports would be boosted after the mining ban in China. Renewable energy resources like solar and wind energy will be used for cryptocurrency mining.

HashGains crowd sale aims to establish a green mega data center, the power of which can be enhanced in the near future to stay competitive. The mining company has the aim of raising $30 Million through the ICO. Most of the money collected through the ICO will be spent on ASIC machines and other IT equipment. As for the big investment, HashGains is expecting $50 Million Dollar revenue in the initial year of operations. The company is expecting this figure to increase by 3 times to be around $150 Million in four years, as per their ICO whitepaper, which can be seen here.

The distribution scheme of HashGains includes 50,000,000 HGS tokens that are reserved for different groups of token holders. These tokens will be distributed in four phases. There are 10,000,000 HGS tokens for pre-sale which remains open from 26th January 2018 (00.00 EST) to 11th February 2018 (23:59 EST). During the pre-sale, the price of an HGS token will be $0.70. Investors can avail 30% discount per token and free 1 GH/s hashing power of Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin on 10 purchased tokens for 24 months.

The Main Sale Tier 1 will start from 17th February 2018 and will remain up to 4th March 2018. In Tier 1 Sale, investors can avail 20% discount on every token and additional incentive of 1 GH/s Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin hashing power for 24 months on the purchase of 10 tokens. The other two phases of token distribution include Main Sale Tier 2 and Final round.

The HashGains platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore it will motivate investors to stay for long as Ethereum is the second most preferred cryptocurrency in the market. The mining company has relied on Ethereum, as it is shifting towards proof-of-stake. The upcoming data centers of HashGains will will be eco-friendly, as HashGains is using renewable energy resources in order to produce electricity. This framework has various advantages, like lowered infrastructural costs, reduced complexity, free electricity and local incentives.

Nowadays, to mine cryptocurrencies, too much electricity is consumed. Therefore, keeping this factor in mind, HashGains aims to make use of green energy for cryptocurrency mining. Doing so will not only make mining affordable, it will also be a great option for mining in future.

HashGains is arm of Futuristic Internet Services LLC which is based out of Delaware, U.S., backed by Cyfuture group which is a 15-year-old company having the strength of 1500 professionals and 10 of Fortune 500 Customers.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.hashgains.com/ico

To view the HashGains YouTube Video, visit here

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