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As TV viewer attention dwindles with the advent of ad skipping technologies, many businessmen wonder, “Where are the Profits?” ClickableTV solves this problem with a new and exciting platform that will turn Live and DVR TV into Pay Per Click moments where the viewer can click an ad to purchase the product using Cryptocurrency.

Boston, MA – Jan 25, 2018 — Across Platforms Inc., made headlines this week with the announcement that they will be launching an ICO backed by an innovative advertising platform built on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional cable TV advertising, the ClickableTV platform will turn commercials on certain mediums into clickable ads where the viewer can purchase products using ClickableTV tokens. ClickableTV enables viewers to spend their ICO tokens or hold them for future use and at any time sell them on an exchange for fiat currencies. ClickableTV servers will turn ad-supported premium TV into Pay Per Click digital presentations.

Across Platforms, Inc., was founded in 2010.  Since its inception, the Company has earned over $3.5 million in sales with no end in sight. The team at ClickableTV is led by founder Michael Kokernak, who brings in depth knowledge and experience to interactive television technologies and commercial advertising. His past successes include publishing the “Subchannel Report,” the television industry’s only newsletter that tracks the growth in networks deployed by broadcast television. He has received several patents in the interactive television space. He also was able to raise nearly $18 Million in outside investments during the last recession.

Mr. Kokernak believes the ClickableTV platform will totally disrupt the status quo of the cable and advertising industries. It provides viewers with a seamless interactive experience while at the same time providing advertisers with ad-supported premium TV content. Viewers simply click an ad while watching a mobile phone or browser. Their viewing experience is not interrupted; a new web page is opened, and they can buy products or services using Clickable TV’s tokens held in their account. ClickableTV is DVR proof and also works with live programming. With Clickable TV, advertisers will be able to harness Internet metrics, targeting their audience to create a truly cost-effective campaign.

The Pre-ICO for Clickable TV is hot and is set to close on February 28, 2018. Investors who purchase tokens during the Pre-ICO stage will receive a 25% bonus with no holding periods. The ClickableTV ICO will open to the public on March 1, 2018. Token holders can exchange tokens for their stored value (less any stored value applied to purchases for goods and services made before the exchange). These exchanges may begin after the date of the purchase of tokens paid for with USD or in the case of tokens purchased with published cryptocurrencies, after August 1, 2019. Many industry analysts expect big things from this ICO because unlike other ICO’s, ClickableTV is not just a dream, it’s a patent pending existing technology.

To learn more about investing in the Clickable TV ICO during its Pre-ICO stage, visit the official website at http://www.clickabletv.io

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