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Tel Aviv, Israel – January 31, 2018, Voco Networks and ClearCoin announced today that they are entering into an alliance between the two companies which share the idea of using the blockchain in order to empower the users in the global ecommerce ecosystem. Voco Networks leverages its web-app chat platform to enable vendors and customers to refer others and to increase sales and customer satisfaction. ClearCoin’s global advertising platform connects advertisers and publishers and tracks all transactions in a proof-of-history ledger.

VOCO Networks was founded and mainly funded by industry veterans with a wealth of knowledge and impeccable track record. VOCO Networks disrupts the $563B Ads-Referral market with a blockchain based persistent one click-on-the-fly engaging chat that empowers referrals and loyalty programs. Voco is now in trials with about 15 mid-size customers with great conversion rates. Jay Singh, the CEO of ClearCoin will be joining the Voco board of advisors as their technological and blockchain advisor.

During a recent press conference, Offir Paz, the CEO of Voco Networks was quoted as saying, “As we shift from the Voco’s beta phase to a commercial phase, we are thrilled to cooperate with ClearCoin and hopefully leverage their technology to our benefit. We are very excited about this new alliance and can’t wait to release our next platform!” Jay Singh, CEO of ClearCoin went on to say, “We intend to aid the Voco platform in their pursuit of using messaging technology to make better connections between customers and businesses.”

ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment. Digital advertising is susceptible to fraud, uncertainty and inaccuracies, but the use of sophisticated blockchain technology will put that to an end. ClearCoin’s global advertising platform connects advertisers and publishers and tracks all transactions in a proof-of-history ledger. The proof-of history ledger is also built on blockchain and helps combat ad fraud and inaccuracies.

The ClearCoin token offering is slated to close to public investment on March 31st 2018 at which time tokens will no longer be available.  Industry analysts are predicting big things for the ClearCoin ICO as $2.5 Million has already been raised. Potential investors should act quickly.

To learn more about the ClearCoin token sale, visit their official website at https://www.clearcoin.co or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here. More information on Voco Networks can be found on their official website at http://voconet.io.

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