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Bikers can now purchase their leather motorcycle accessories using digital currency. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2018, LeatherUp.com, one of the largest retailers of motorcycle gear online today announced it will start accepting several different Crypto Currencies in Late-2018. They plan to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Sky Coin, and several new currencies. Some of the currencies are in Pre-ICO stage, like World Coin Network. LeatherUp has been seeing its highest conversion rates come from the Middle East and they plan to partner with World Coin Network to expand their business in the region. World Coin Network (WCN) is based in the Middle East and they are hoping with only 15% of the people in the region who have credit cards they can use WCN tokens to help boost sales. LeatherUp.com had a hard time finding a Crypto Currency for the Middle East that could be integrated into their website and are hopeful WCN can help bring the Crypto revolution to the region and facilitate more trade.

LeatherUp is planning to move to the Shopify Plus Platform the first quarter of 2018, as they have great tools to integrate Crypto Currencies onto their network of websites. Crypto Currency can help their international business expand and eliminate fraud. Plus the added benefit to merchants, as they no longer have to worry about charge-backs or fraud with Crypto Currency.

The LeatherUp Team is programming the ability to take World Coin Network and Sky Coin. During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “Sky Coin is interesting to us also because it is a next generation of Blockchain technology that was developed by the same people who were hired early on to fix all the issues with Bitcoin. They have their own system called Sky Ledger which is more powerful than older Crypto Currencies. We feel they have invented a better system and way to trade. Sky Coin transactions are almost instant which we love as an eCommerce store, versus Bitcoin that can take 15 minutes to 2 hours to settle depending on network traffic and demand. We are working closely with the Sky Coin team to integrate them on our websites and feel that Sky Coin will be the future of eCommerce.“

Being one of the largest Online Motorcycle Gear retailers, Leatherup.com has had many customers ask about Crypto and in 2018 expect this to add to their revenues in a highly positive way. Accepting new currencies will also allow them to be in the forefront of the digital industry and help shape which currencies will be used in eCommerce long term.

Accepting World Coin Network tokens can especially help eCommerce firms penetrate Middle Eastern markets better then they have in the past. World Coin Network is working closely with major retailers around the world to help facilitate more trade across the Middle East and the World.

For complete information, please visit: https://www.leatherup.com/

For complete information, please visit: https://www.WorldCoin.Cash

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