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VESA’s unique algorithm enables crypto investors to follow and duplicate crypto trades of experienced traders and cash-in without playing the guessing game. 

Estonia, February 21, 2018, Both experienced as well as inexperienced crypto investors always face the reality of expansive risk. The idea of reducing risk factors is very appealing to any kind of investor. Cryptocurrency investing carries with it an extremely high risk in that it is often a highly volatile market. One need only look at the recent drop in Bitcoin, and then its current rise to see this is true. Imagine if there were a method that could guide people into the crypto investing arena while reducing risk of loss and increasing the success rate.

The VESA ICO promises to do just that, and more. There is a lot of anticipation about the VESA ICO Platform as it is revolutionary in the world of cryptocurrency investment platforms. It will be the only such platform on the planet that tracks successful traders on multi-exchanges so that VESA users can make the same exact trades, but with less risk than the actual traders were exposed to when they made their own transactions. This is a true win-win situation: The traders win by being paid a pre-determined commission, and the investor wins by not wasting time and money floundering around trying to determine what is a good crypto direction.

The use of smart contracts and Blockchain Technology means that private information and access to funds remain private. Digital Wallets will protect funds in a secure manner. Smart Contracts cannot be changed or manipulated by anybody.

Here are a few of the features and benefits:

  • Transparency & Security: VESA does not store the funds of its users. Purchaser can stop copying at any time. Traders are rated based on their trade statistics over the years.
  • Simplicity & Versatility: VESA works with any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Users use familiar interfaces. A great choice for beginner investors.
  • Functionality and Visibility: Purchasers and traders can gain clear financial statistics. In use, easy to create investment portfolios. The service is now available on all known platforms.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “A major advantage is the ability to work with an unlimited number of cryptocurrency exchanges. First, millions of exchange users will be able to start copying trading with a couple of clicks, working in their account on the exchange. Second, transactions with any cryptocurrencies will be possible to copy.”

The VESA ICO is an excellent opportunity to be part of a new generation of crypto investing. The ICO Pre-Sale is the best time to get involved and receive bonus tokens as well as lower costs per token. Mark the calendar: March 7, 2018 is the day that early adopters will be eagerly waiting for this incredible investment opportunity. A detailed discussion about this ICO can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

For complete information about the VESA ICO, visit: https://vesa.io

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