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0chain provides a zero-cost, sub-second finality, and self-forking decentralized cloud. 

San Jose, California, March 5, 2018, 0chain is pleased to announce the end of their token sale, two months after the launch of their website, and one month of their first public appearance at WCEF.  The rapid organic awareness in the blockchain community is a testament to 0chain’s unique platform, and they were able to raise their hard cap in record time without the need of an ICO, venture capital or even any marketing. This is a rare occurrence in an environment where ICO’s clamor for token buyers all around the planet.

0chain’s platform adds a new paradigm to the blockchain concept with their free, fast, and flexible decentralized cloud for dApps on any blockchain such as Ethereum and NEO. dApps can now create their own chain specific to their needs.  They can configure an IoT chain for data-only and sub-second transactions, build an AI chain for longer compute times, create a bank chain that needs a higher level of security such as 80% consensus for transactions, instead of 51% majority.

During a recent interview, Saswata Basu, founder of 0chain, made these comments: “0chain’s fast, free and flexible dCloud will disrupt the banking and cloud industry from both performance and economic perspectives, and add extensible value to existing blockchains”.

Now that the contributions were successfully raised, 0chain is shifting its focus to some marketing activity, partnerships with dApps, blockchains, and enterprises. The development of the protocols, writing white papers and proofs, and developing production code for the testnet are all executed in parallel by their team.

If you’re a dApp, blockchain or enterprise, get in touch with the 0chain team, to leapfrog your competition, and grow the 0chain ecosystem. For complete information, go to  http://www.0chain.net/

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