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Japan, March 6, 2018, MIROSKII Coin is founded on an initiative that aims to ease the difficulty associated with financial transactions. While the offline banking system has proved faulty and obscure in dealing with customers’ statements of account, MIROSKII coin developed a system where people can be their own bankers. Essentially, the project focuses on making people their own financial accountant by providing a platform where owners of wallets get to be solely in charge of their exchanges and transactions. eCommerce would be integrated thereby allowing exchange of both goods and services. MIROSKII coin intends to distribute the funds generated from the crowdsale into developing various platforms in the financial community.

A few days to the end of the first phase of ICO, MIROSKII coin was hacked by Russian hackers who tried to break into the system to steal bitcoins. The system showed that there were multiple DDOS attacks where the hackers tried to intrude through different sources to make the networking system unreachable by interrupting the system with unusual and excess activity in a bid to overload the system and to stop the normal flow of system processing. Essentially, the hackers tried to tamper the front-end website to make it viral by using the celebrity picture and flood the system with unnecessary traffic making it unavailable for proper functioning.

However, MIROSKII coin system has been encrypted with the highest level of secure codes making it difficult for the hackers to break in. With the system proving inaccessible, the website was hacked. The hackers aimed not only to steal the funds in the system but aimed to disrupt the real mapping of the system. Hackers added the popular Hollywood actor whose name was changed to Kevin Belanger as the graphic designer of MIROSKII Coin. With such fraudulent changes, the hackers intend to attract the attention of the populace, spoil the brand and make prospective investors lose trust in the change-oriented financial system.

MIROSKII coin nevertheless disclaims the relationship with the celebrity actor or any stock photos who have no relationship with the project and the ecosystem, and has no intention to promote its coins by intentionally giving false information. More so, the coin has no intention to backdown from enhancing the project as the system is being developed and the ecosystem is being upgraded to bring in the purposed change. All funds generated during this ICO phase are intact, MIROSKII coins are safe and no bitcoin was lost to the hackers.

Miroskii website, social media platforms & domain were hacked and are unavailable at the moment, as the platforms are currently undergoing advanced security measures to recover the same. The website and the media platforms will soon be opened with a new domain extension with added features of advanced encryption.

Despite the DDOS attack, the inability to hack the system to misdirect away funds shows the future of the financial system where no technology would be able to hack into customers’ wallets.

MIROSKII coin will live up to its purpose to avoid mismanagement of funds, prevent cyber-crimes and keep the ecosystem safe from phoney activities, adding to this they have moved their domain from .com to .org. They will be on global exchanges by August 2018 for our coin holders to trade.

For complete information, please visit:  http://miroskii.org/

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