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DS Plus is a platform based on a mobile application with a crypto-cashback service, and an Ethereum Blockchain based PlusCoin cryptocurrency integrated into the platform. 

Tallinn, Estonia, March 27, 2018, PlusCoin has made global headlines with the success of their live ICO. They are the cashback service for users and the lead generator for online and offline businesses worldwide based on the DS Plus mobile application. PlusCoin uses blockchain technology to control transactions and to provide a safe payment for users purchases via PlusCoin cryptocurrency which is integrated into the application.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “There are two main objectives of this project: to popularize blockchain technologies and to embed the cryptocurrency, which was made for the global population, into their everyday life.” He goes on to say: “We are creating an infrastructure for a commodity and money exchange which will use the PlusCoin cryptocurrency. It’s a new step in the development and the popularization of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.”

One of the reasons for PlusCoin’s ICO success is the fact that they already have a well-functioning application, so there is no need to develop it from scratch. They also already have people and partner companies who make extensive use of the app. The ICO will bring investments for promotion of the project, scaling the infrastructure, development of loyalty campaigns and marketing in general.

PlusCoin already has 115,000 users, 1544 partners and 21 million PlusCoin Tokens in circulation. The platform offers a user friendly mobile app featuring a hassle-free user experience:

* Users open the mobile app

* They can choose a vendor of their choice for a myriad of products and services

* Users acquire some PlusCoin and perform their transaction on the blockchain

* PlusCoin Tokens can be exchanged for fiat currency

PlusCoin Tokens have been attracting both private and institutional investors. This is an opportunity to make a contribution to the development of a new infrastructure, P2P services, the marketplace, the commodity and money exchange using the PlusCoin cryptocurrency etc. When people use PlusCoin, they also support the development of the project and the reaching of its main mission – popularization of blockchain technologies and the term “cryptocurrency” amongst all people. Furthermore, they can use the PlusCoin cryptocurrency in their everyday life as they purchase and sell goods.

Currently, DS PLUS (PlusCoin) announces its next stage which is the establishment of a P2P platform allowing users to sell and purchase various goods or services. The Beta Version of the platform will be launched from March to April. Products will be added through convenient personal accounts.

The platform is fully integrated with the private blockchain allowing the safety of transactions.

In addition, DS PLUS is going to launch a system of crypto-deposits that can be potentially interesting for the token holders not involved in exchange trading, but willing to gain profit from possession of PlusCoin, and large funds. Such product will be interesting to many token holders because it is low risk and guarantees growth of PLC.

For complete information, please visit:  https://pluscoin.io

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