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The Cryptocurrency industry is still somewhat in its infancy, which can bring its own challenges to the table, including fly by night companies and a general lack of trust in trading platforms. CoinStocks.io hopes to gain the trust of consumers and become the top Cryptocurrency trading platform by registering in the U.S. and complying with all SEC regulations.

St. Petersburg, FL – April 3rd 2018, CoinStocks.io sent shockwaves through the Cryptocurrency industry today with the announcement of a new Cryptocurrency trading exchange that will be completely U.S. based. In what can only be described as a “gut-wrenching” week for the Cryptocurrency community, the news of a fresh U.S. based Token Sale and Crypto trading exchange is exactly what the industry needs. Amid new regulations coming down the pipes from Japanese regulators, at least 5 Japanese based Cryptocurrency trading exchanges have thrown in the towel calling it quits. CoinStocks.io is positioning themselves to capture a large percentage of the market share that has suddenly opened up after the sudden closure of these exchanges.

Investors are looking to capitalize on the turn of events by identifying U.S. based Token Sales such as CoinStocks.io that will fill the vacuum left open by the several exchanges that have shuttered their doors nearly overnight. It is no doubt that CoinStocks.io should expect massive growth as they are one of the only Cryptocurrency trading exchanges that will be registered and operating under the laws of the United States. The team at Coinstocks.io have unbridled knowledge and expertise in everything from Blockchain development and Finance to Cyber Security and Software Engineering. During a recent press conference, Christophe Verbinnen, the Co-founder and CEO of CoinStocks.io was quoted as saying, “As others close their doors, CoinStocks.io proudly opens ours! The CoinStocks.io demo trading platform is now fully accessible to everyone that signs up.  It is a feature-rich mobile friendly cryptocurrency trading platform that is safe, secure and U.S. based.”

The CoinStocks.io platform is already well on its way to success with more than 125,000 members and a large Telegram and Twitter following. The key features of this new trading platform are increased user security, low fees and dynamic pairing. They are 100% decoupled from Bitcoin and won’t have any Bitcoin trading pairs. Coinstocks allows the user to exchange currencies dynamically without enforcing predetermined pairs. The mobile platform is compatible with iOS, Android and most other devices.

The highly anticipated Token Sale for CoinStocks.io has already launched and only 25 Million IOX tokens are available for sale at a cost of 0.0007 Ether per token. They are currently running a promotion of 50% off until the first 1 Million tokens have been sold. This token sale will be completed on June 14, 2018 at which time this phase of the Token Sale will close.

To learn more about the CoinStocks.io Token Sale, visit their official website at https://www.coinstocks.io or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

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