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There are many cryptocurrency websites that provide price analysis tools but not all have a top-notch platform, with most lacking the features most traders want. CoinAlyze.net’s new website is providing some unique features and tools to members of the crypto community in a robust, efficient and easy to use way.

Iasi, Romania – April 14th 2018, CoinAlyze.net made a splash this week with the news of a successful launch of a much-needed Cryptocurrency Analysis website that will serve members of the cryptocurrency community. Those who trade coins or invest in ICO’s whether it be full-time, day/swing trading or just as a hobby will love this website as it may be the analysis tool that will help bring their portfolio into the positive. The website provides real-time/live price charts for major coins and major exchanges, statistics, alerts, chat, candlestick patterns detection and news aggregation.

The robust set of features on CoinAlyze.net include:

  • Homepage: All coin information in one place with a simple and efficient overview; multiple view types: default, compact and heat map; multiple filters.
  • Live/Real-Time Charts: Powerful charts, order book and recent trades.
  • Chat/Trollbox: Where people can exchange ideas; usually there are valuable discussions about price trends and technical analysis.
  • Alerts: Simple, reliable and efficient alerts; People can set alerts based on price levels, price change percent or volume.
  • News Aggregation: Aggregate news from major cryptocurrency news websites and also Reddit channels.
  • Candlestick Patterns Detection: The system auto-detects candlestick patterns.

The founder of CoinAlyze.net is a renown software engineer with over 15 years of experience in coding and development. After working on several high-profile Forex trading applications, Gabriel Dodan found it a natural transition into the world of Cryptocurrency trading. Gabriel’s expertise in software engineering and technical analysis is what sparked his interest and led him to create this robust trading analysis tool that is unlike any other.

During a recent interview, the spokesperson for CoinAlyze.net was quoted as saying, “One of the useful things about CoinAlyze.net is that it shows prices exactly as they are on the exchanges. It does not show aggregate prices like CoinMarketCap.com. That’s good because many people are interested in prices and charts on the exchanges they actually have an account with, and usually exchanges do not offer very good charts or price statistics.” He went on to say, “It’s also a very powerful tool for traders who are looking for arbitrage opportunities.”

To learn more about the CoinAlyze.net cryptocurrency analysis website, visit their official website at https://coinalyze.net/.

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