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There is no doubt that the Logistics and Transport industry needs a “technological” infusion when it comes to the tracking and payment software that are being used today. Cargo Chain Solutions aims to make the current antiquated software a thing of the past. CSS aims to solve real world problems that the logistics industry faces today with the launch of their B2B Logistics & Transport platform that uses blockchain and smart contract technology to bring accountability, AI and payments to the industry.

Viborg, Denmark – April 15th 2018, Cargo Chain Solutions has created quite a buzz in the Logistics sector with the announcement of their ICO Pre-Sale launch and impending release of the new CCS platform. Cargo Chain One is an all-encompassing logistics platform that will address real-world issues facing the transport and logistics sector today. The Cargo Chain One eco-system will be comprised of six integrated modules built around a central API that interconnects the applications to each other and the Stellar Network. The Cargo Chain One solution will drive efficiencies in resource planning, interactions between partners as well as billing and accountability within the supply chain.

At the heart of this is CCS CONNECT, their API. CCS TMS is a turnkey transport management system. CCS MARKETPLACE matches the partner’s resources with available consignments. CCS GO, their mobile app connects the workforces into the logistics chain. CCS HUB, is their Web-based data entry & reporting front end, and CCS PAY is an escrow management for payments built on the Stellar Distribution Exchange. The ‘Plug & Play’ advantage that Cargo Chain One brings to the market will allow all stakeholders in the logistics cycle to benefit, whether they are a multi-national logistics operator, a manufacturer or even an owner-operator. The modular construction of the Cargo Chain One platform provides a ‘pick-and-mix’ facility that companies irrespective of their size will be able to benefit.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for Cargo Chain Solutions was quoted as saying, “Our B2B platform uses the blockchain to resolve issues of ownership and traceability between partners, utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning algorithms to drive out inefficiencies in planning, greatly reducing dead mileage and empty running. The CCS platform will also affect instant payments for all job stake holders. Finally, and critically, our B2B platform effects instant payments for all job stakeholders from production to delivery.”

In order to use the platform, Cargo Chain Solutions is providing its own Stellar asset, the TICS token, which users of the system must purchase to use the Cargo Chain One platform. The supply of TICS will be a fixed amount, which will ensure that the token value will increase as the platform is adopted by the logistics market.

The CCS ICO-Pre-Sale is set to open on April 23rd 2018. During the Pre-Sale phase, TICS tokens will be available at a cost of $0.06 per token with discounts available depending on the number of tokens purchased.

To learn more about the Cargo Chain Solutions ICO and platform, visit their official website at https://www.cargochainsolutions.io

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