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Crypto Star Registry allows for the ownership of decentralized, rare artworks, and highly desired digital celestial assets Blockchain-based in the cosmos. 

New York, New York, May 26, 2018, Imagine looking up in the sky at night and spotting the Orion Constellation that you can now own. It is now possible to stake a claim on this heavenly celestial goody. It is now possible thanks to CryptoStarRegistry.com, who today announced the launch of their unique blockchain-based platform with a utility-token based on the Ethereum network. Crypto Star Registry, is the world’s first original and official registry of cosmic assets.

Their Ethereum (ETH)-based market enables users to buy, sell, collect, and own rare cosmic assets and their rare artwork as Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. There are roughly 300 cosmic assets with one-of-a-kind artwork to be released (sun, planets, constellations, moons, nebulas, galaxies, etc.) and roughly 150,000 unnamed stars, which can be named by the owner, that share star images. Crypto Star Registry is enabling access to scarce and highly-desired celestial assets in the cosmos.

During a recent press conference, the Founders of Crypto Star Registry made these comments: “Space has long been mankind’s last frontier – we are highly intrigued by the unknown and something we can only begin to fathom as we look up at the night sky. Through Crypto Star Registry, we’re bringing a way for the masses to not only access, but to own part of our expansive universe.”

To participate in this cosmic market and own a part of the cosmos, users must utilize MetaMask. Buy, sell and steal cosmic assets to build an extensive asset library. If other users want a part of space you own, watch out!  They can double what you paid for it and claim it for themselves!

The Founders went on to say: “Excitingly, users not only own the unique digital asset on the blockchain, but also gain the custom digital artwork associated with that item. These images capture the beauty and wonder that civilizations have observed for thousands of years. Enabling users to claim and collect the Earth to the constellation of Orion and the Boomerang Nebula to Haley’s Comet.  The most exciting aspects of our universe are up for grabs in this new, one-of-a-kind crypto market.”

For complete information about owning a piece of the cosmos, visit: https://www.cryptostarregistry.com/

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