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PlaceToRent is the first to leverage AI and machine learning to increase alternatives for Millennials and automate the rental process.

Panama City, Panama, June 4, 2018, PlaceToRent is pleased to announce its highly anticipated token Pre-Sale which starts on June 4, 2018 and will end on July 4, 2018. The goal is to ascertain community interest regarding the platform and obtain funds for an aggressive marketing strategy plan. The ICO Pre-Sale bonus is set at 40%. Additionally, for a limited time only, one can subscribe to the PlaceToRent website to receive an additional 5% token bonus.

A new generation of technological advancements elevated expectations of today’s rental market participants to a whole new level. However, the current rental marketplace is plagued with outdated platforms providing fragmented and inaccurate data, imperfect tenant screening process, lack of transaction transparency and efficiency and intermediaries incentivized to negotiate higher rates to increase their commission. Under these circumstances, there developed an urgent need to revolutionize the rental process.

PlaceToRent has designed an integrated ecosystem of a commercial and residential rental marketplace powered by Blockchain decentralized technology, self-executing Smart Contracts, and utility tokens. The aim is to reduce the bureaucracy associated with renting a space, capitalize on major opportunities within the rental market, and provide users with unique beneficial features.

In particular, PlaceToRent strives to expand the number of alternatives for the underserved by utilizing hybrid forecasting, especially younger renters who have no credit or work history. Its revolutionary algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence will allow landlords to assess creditworthiness outside conventional credit checks and work verifications and will help a vibrant and stable demographic qualify for a rental opportunity.

Additionally, the PlaceToRent platform will enable qualified renters to finance their rental expenses through a built-in peer-to-peer alternative financing feature. This option will be particularly useful for those PlaceToRent users just entering the rental marketplace. The diversity of the rental population creates opportunities for PlaceToRent to offer responsible, sustainable and innovative tools to the under-served segment largely ignored by traditional rental process, and this is the niche that PlaceToRent identified and will attempt to fill.

The PlaceToRent team is an interdisciplinary crew of dedicated professionals from all over the world who are committed to transforming the rental experience worldwide using blockchain technology and who have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver towards their grand vision. Their Engineering operations are based in Saudi Arabia, and team and advisors come from U.S., Canada, European Union and Japan. Their work experience spans the fields of finance, data analytics, AI, engineering, research, development, design, system architecture, and retail.

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