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The first ICO in cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics that leverages blockchain technology to create a revolutionary first of its kind marketplace for cosmetic surgery practitioners and patients.

Sussex, UK – June 15th 2018, iConsult Software, Ltd. shook up the medical and cryptocurrency industries today with the launch of a first-of-its-kind ICO that could be the catalyst that restores trust between patients and cosmetic surgery practitioners. iConsult Software will be the first to develop a blockchain-based solution for the Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics industries. This platform has the potential to be the market leader in this industry and change the way the consumer connects with the industry forever.

iConsults’ consumer app, Cosmecoin, will enable the safe introduction of willing patients to trusted practitioners using the iConsult software. Patient consultations and medical records, including personal images, are then recorded, encrypted and stored securely on the platforms’ Ethereum Blockchain, protecting all parties. The Cosmecoin app then rewards best practice, from both practitioners and patients, with COSX tokens. Connect – Record – Protect – Reward is the Cosmecoin Mission.

The Cosmecoin ecosystem utilizes smart contracts to reward patients/consumers and practitioners which can be traded for products and/or treatments through their network of partners and brands. The platform also links suppliers and manufacturers to the end user creating trust through transparency. COSX token will support their existing platform which consists of an iOS app and in-clinic software and has been designed to develop best practice in terms of trust and accountability between its customers and practitioners. The Cosmecoin platform drives consumers to trusted and ethical businesses and practitioners whilst creating a feedback and reward system for both consumers and practitioners. With the introduction and integration of their consumer app and in-clinic software, COSX creates a trusted and transparent, global cosmetic and medical aesthetic community which rewards patients and practitioners for best practice.

During a recent press conference, the founder and CEO of iConsult Software, Richard Crawford-Small was quoted as saying, “The iConsult team believes in building a user friendly, future proof and trusted platform for the global cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine markets. A platform like this can be easily used by consumers and practitioners alike and has the potential to disrupt the existing marketplace.” He went on to say “Users are rewarded for providing measurable and valuable contributions, either as a practitioner through good service, or as a consumer through appointment attendance and provision of feedback and ratings.”

Following the highly anticipated ICO Pre-Sale, the crowd-sale will commence and the gathered funds will be used to create a team of front and back end developers for the ClinicOS (currently trading as iConsult) Platform, the creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which includes the programming and launching of the trusted feedback platform, CRM Features, supporting tools, and the payment and aftercare mobile app.

To learn more about participating in this groundbreaking ICO, visit their official website at http://www.cosmecoin.io.

Cosmecoin has a very informative video available for viewing at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0ZaYUoXx3w


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