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London, United Kingdom, August 10, 2018, Ethereum has been a great player in the Cryptocurrency Market following the global phenomenon of Bitcoins. Since then, investing in cryptocurrency seems a rational choice to make. As the market is growing, the mining activities have created a high demand for reliable hardware.

The developers have offered the market with high-specs GPU based Ethereum miners which were used all over by the enthusiastic miners. However, these former miners are still less productive, consume too much power, inefficient, and have a lack of profitability for sure. So, is it the end? Of course not, in fact, the solution to the problem is already available and is called the Promax 7.2.

The most productive GPU based Miner Promax 7.2 is actually on their third batch. Since its launch, Promax 7 has grabbed public attention due to a revolutionary Multi-Mining crypto currency feature. A Promax 7 ETH miner can effectively mine Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and others.

This miner is said to generate 3710 MH/s. For mining the Zcash, Promax 7.2 can generate 59484 Sol/s of Hash Rate. Its hashing performance is far better than the one’s already available. Promax 7.2 advanced performance is actually the result of 68 Nvidia p102 graphic cards. Since the miner is built with inverter boards and circuits it uses a minimal power consumption of 4500 watts.

Along with the rising demand for Promax 7.2, there have also been a good demand for the G7 and 7.1 Miners with each generating 600 Mh/s and 1830 Mh/s respectively. G7 which is known to be ASIC in feature works on Ethash and it generates the highest Mh/s as compared to any other Asic’s available in the market.  Whereas the 7.1 is known to Mine multiple crypto currencies while using 34 p102 graphic cards and generating an outstanding performance.

Here are some specs on why the Promax 7.2 is the most powerful Ethereum Miner on the market.

Coins and Algorithms Supported by The Promax 7.2 Miner:

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